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M A R C H 2 0 2 1 | 57 Maddaugh Elementary School create spaces not typically funded, for example, a Makerspace Lab for Applied Design Skills Technology, without sacrificing the quality of other spaces," says Sweet. The building incorporates sus- tainable features, such as natural daylight harvesting, natural ven- tilation, energy efficient heating, recycling stations, use of natural and local materials, as well as materials with recycled content. "The project is designed to achieve B.C. Government policy priorities including LEED Gold equivalent standards and to maximize the use of wood in accordance with the Wood First Act," adds Blanchard. Blanchard explains that the build- ing's displacement air distribution strategy has been integrated into all classroom learning spaces to provide "a superior indoor air quality where conditioned outdoor air is supplied at a low velocity from air supply diffusers located near floor level and extracted above the occupied zone." Outside, learning spaces are inte- grated within student play areas as curved concrete sit walls within the landscape features. "An all-weather granular play area and areas for adventure play structures are located to the north of the school to take advantage of access to sunshine and access from the six learning com- munities and their associated project areas," says Blanchard. Sustainable design principles incorporated in site design include on-site stormwater detention, reduc- tion of stormwater runoff, use of native and drought-resistant plant materials, and the use of landscaping to provide shade and reduce the heat- island effect. "While this project is significantly influenced by Mar Jok Elementary, the modifications allowed for increased capacity and revised programmatic priorities to create a 'Made for Surrey School District' version of educational delivery," concludes Blanchard. A LOCATION 19405 76 Avenue, North Clayton, Surrey, B.C. OWNER /DEVELOPER School District No.36 (Surrey) ARCHITECT Thinkspace Architecture Planning Interior Design GENER AL CONTR ACTOR Pro-Can Construction Group Corporation STRUCTUR AL CONSULTANT Bush, Bohlman & Partners LLP MECHANICAL CONSULTANT Rocky Point Engineering Ltd. ELECTRICAL CONSULTANT Jarvis Engineering Ltd. L ANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Viewpoint Landscape Architects Ltd. TOTAL SIZE 50,625 square feet TOTAL COST $31.2 million P H OTO G R A P H Y BY B R I G H T P H OTO G R A P H Y + R EN D ER I N G/CO U RT E SY T H I N K S PAC E A RC H I T EC T U R E P L A N N I N G I N T ER I O R D E S I G N 3:15 PM

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