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42 | M A R C H 2 0 2 1 Paint & Coatings "Even before the pandemic hit, Canadians were longing for more simplicity and restfulness in their lives after decades of overstimulation and overcon- sumption," says Mitsu Dhawan, PPG marketing manager. "The coronavirus strengthened consumers' cravings for a slowed-down lifestyle, where human connection and mental and physical well-being are priorities. Our 2021 colour palette – Be Well – is like a big hug for the home." Organic colours such as creamy oatmeal, warm latte, earthy turquoise, and toasty ginger emit a sense of calm and tranquility. Drawing on the optimism associated with earthy influences, sustainability and nostalgia, the Be Well collection features three star hues – Transcend, a mid- tone sandy brown; Big Cypress, a shaded ginger with persimmon undertones; and Misty Aqua, a watercolour cerulean blue. "These restorative colours work well both on their own and in combination with one another, with cool and soft aqua providing an unexpected pairing of freshness against the warm and light natural shades," says Dhawan. "The palette is made up of such versatile tones that any of them can be used as either the supporting or dominant colour in a room." At a time when consumers have involuntarily slowed down their lifestyles and are craving comfort and a sense of optimism, the Sico paint brand by PPG suggests taking a cue from nature with its 2021 Colour of the Year: Blue-winged Warbler, fittingly named after the North American songbird, whose vibrant colours are admired by nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventure seekers. "While much of the world continues to shelter in place, consumers have turned to nature to receive the comfort and relaxation that they have been longing for after months of feeling unsettled," says Martin Tustin-Fuchs, senior marketing manager, Sico paint brand by PPG. "This fresh aqua colour instills a feeling of positivity, transforming a space into a serene retreat from the world outside our doors." Blue-winged Warbler is a complex combination of blue and green to create a jade aqua tone, which emulates the depth of a pool of water or lush greenery in a dense forest. This colour pairs nicely with light creams, warm beiges or floral accents, representing a breath of fresh air and a welcomed remedy after nearly a decade of commonly used smoky greys. In addition to Blue-winged Warbler, PPG colour experts identified three colour palettes that will resonate in 2021 and pair with the colour of the year: Be Well – includes colours like Acoma Stone, an earthy ginger with persimmon undertones, and Cool Green, a subdued green with an azure undertone; Be True – celebrates a mixture of organic and heritage influences with warm, earthy tones combined with jewel box hues. Church at Auvers, a rich maroon with chocolate undertones, grounds the palette alongside Cool Current, a glass-bottle green, and Blue-winged Warbler; Be Wild – a mood-boosting combination of colours including Jasper Blue, an unexpected periwinkle, and Limpid Lagoon, an aqua-blue with a deep-water undertone. ON THE OUTSIDE The Sansin Corporation, a global leader in environmentally friendly, high- performance wood protection, recently released its new WoodForce weathering system with Intermix colours that allow for creative, customizable looks and effects in 27 standard barnboard colours – or users can create their own. The WoodForce Intermix system is based on Sansin's established Precision Coat formula that has been utilized for 25 years around the world as the leading weathered wood protection solution for large commercial projects. With WoodForce, even new wood can be made to look weathered and aged without sacrificing the health of the wood. Unlike some accelerated weathering treatments, WoodForce doesn't damage the wood fibre in the process of aging it. "The weathered wood look is on-trend, but Sansin has taken it a step further," says Caroline March-Long, Sansin's director of sales and marketing. "We offer an innovate system that invites creativity, but retains a focus on keeping the wood protected and easily maintainable." March-Long adds, "At Sansin, we believe you don't have to sacrifice wood protection for esthetics, and this product proves it." The WoodForce system uses three products – Accel, Clear, and Intermix with seven tints – to create an array of weathered looks and effects, all the while delivering exceptional water repellency and protection against U V, moisture, blackening, discoloration, and wood rot. Each product is environmentally friendly, VOC-compliant, Red List/CARB compliant, breathable, easy to clean with soap and water, and extremely easy to maintain. Sansin WoodForce is available in a retail formula at select Sansin dealers and in the company's Factory Finish line for pre-finishing and machine application. Cloverdale Paint offers a weatherproof solution to outdoor paint options with the Guardian premium exterior finishes. The cross-linked, 100 percent acrylic product has exceptional application and performance factors. "Beyond highest- end exterior architectural finish positioning, Guardian has Low Temperature Application, which allows for extension of the painting season [early and late]," says Kevin Skelly, digital marketing manager. "It can be applied down to a low of three degrees centigrade." Available in flat, satin, or semi-gloss finishes, Guardian is self-priming for most surfaces. "Because it is fortified with X-Link technology, this product will withstand the negative impacts of early moisture exposure, high humidity, and cool overnight curing conditions," Skelly explains. He adds Guardian is good for both professional and DIY applicators. With a dry time at 50 percent humidity, it becomes tack-free in one hour, with recoating available after four hours. A Blue-winged Warbler from Sico Paint. WoodForce clear protective weathering stain from Sansin.

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