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M A R C H 2 0 2 1 | 41 Paint & Coatings Paint and coatings are ever mindful of how spaces impact us physically and mentally by LAURIE JONES T he last year has been life changing for most people and corpo- rations are making alterations to their offerings to adapt to the new way of living, and that includes paint manufacturers who are creating new colours and new sanitizing technology. Sherwin-Williams new Living Well collection features two interior products – SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology and SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology. It also includes 11 curated palettes, an inspired assortment of some of the most stunning, top- selling hues that have the power to change how a room makes people feel. "A new year means a fresh start for us and our homes," says Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing. "The new paints and palettes of the Living Well collection can help consumers live more mindfully. We asked a lot of our homes in 2020. Bedrooms were turned into classrooms, living rooms into gyms, and kitchens into conference rooms. We are now more mindful than ever of how these spaces impact us both physically and mentally." The SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology is good for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and features ongoing antibacterial action that kills 99.9 percent of certain bacteria on painted surfaces. Alternately, the SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology helps break down unwanted odours and reduces VOCs from carpet and fabrics. This product also contributes to cleaner indoor air quality, making it suitable for bedrooms and nurseries, but good for any room in the house. Mood-setting colour names for the Living Well line include Balance, Breathe, Centre, Create, Focus, Inspire, Recharge, Reflect, Renew, Unplug, and Unwind. Top-selling colours include Accessible Beige, Repose Grey, and Pure White. Benjamin Moore, with their Aegean Teal Colour of the Year and a warmer collection in their 2021 palette, has been inspired by the home and the need for comfort. "This year the trends for home considerations are even more important as so many people are working from their home," says Sharon Grech, media spokesperson for colour and design. "We have always needed to surround ourselves with colours that make us feel good." With the new path, Grech says they are finally moving away from grey. "This is the first year we haven't had a grey at all in our 2021 palette. The closest one we have is Gray Cashmere, but we consider it more of a blue/green/grey, a pale neutral colour that works with our colour of the year and the warmer colours of the palette. It was really our year to jump from overall cooler colours to overall warmer colours, given how things have evolved this year – socially, politically, and environmentally. We are searching for colours that are warmer and can give us a big hug." One of the new colours that is bridging the transition to warmer tones is greige, a mixture between grey and beige. "I think that is where the neutral is trending because it is getting away from the cool greys we've had for so many years," explains Grech. "The nice thing with that is it allows you to bring more natural woods, materials, and warmer finishes into the home without such a contrast between warm and cold." "Now any blues that I look at are leaning towards a warm blue with yellow tones. Aegean Teal falls into that category. It's a cooler colour in general, but has warmth as well. It's a harmonizing tone, bridging between the warm and cool, and that's what we are seeing overall where people's comfort level is right now. Finding that balance." At Dulux Paints by PPG, colour experts know the COVID-19 pandemic is not only having an effect on our lifestyles but also on our living spaces. After spending an unparalleled amount of time indoors, Canadians increasingly will look to fill their homes with natural, serene colours as a way to cling to familiar, soothing comforts. Stroke Of Genius Silhouette from Benjamin Moore. Breathe from Sherwin-Williams. 2:55 PM

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