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40 | M A R C H 2 0 2 1 Hard Surface Flooring areas such as bars, hotel lobbies, offices, canteens, classrooms, and showrooms. It's used in conjunc- tion with Primer SN, Mapei's fillerized epoxy primer designed to enhance adhesion of multilayer floor- ing systems. "Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept is another great product that Mapei has added to its arsenal for the industrial flooring market here in Canada," Edwards says. The Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, the larg- est hospital in Winnipeg, used the product to create a walkway through the main entrance of the Cancer Research wing of the Hospital. Previously, the floor consisted of quarry tile that created disturbance to the patients because of loud, banging sounds from gurneys and wheelchairs, not to mention the hard effects of the bumpy floor on the sick and elderly under cancer care. Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept was used to create a new floor that is smooth, esthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. The Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept is ideal for hos- pitals because it has good chemical resistance (frequent disinfecting) and higher mechanical resistance to abrasion (moving beds, carts, equip- ment) and with the granules already built into the product, an attractive finish is achieved without having to broadcast anything into the floor, saving extra steps, and therefore time and money. Maxxon Corporation has launched its moisture mitigation solutions for 2021. "Moisture vapour is a hot topic in any concrete construction," says Jodi Ingle, marketing brand manager. "Moisture vapour emissions through a concrete slab can contribute to costly flooring failures and significant delays in con- struction schedules. Maxxon offers several moisture mitigation solutions including our new single-com- ponent, Maxxon Commercial MVP One Primer." MVP One Primer is a ready-to-use, zero-VOC, E96-compliant, moisture barrier and primer. When applied to concrete substrates, MVP One Primer addresses moisture-related issues (up to 25 lbs. MVER, 100 percent RH and a 14 pH) and primes the surface for an underlayment or patch. "MVP One Primer has a typical re-coat time of less than one hour, allowing for rapid turnaround on fast-track projects over new or renovated concrete slabs," says Ingle. Also available from Maxxon is the Level EZ. "Level EZ is a versatile, low-prep self-levelling underlayment ideal for levelling, smoothing, and repairing interior gypsum and concrete surfaces," Ingle explains. "It levels at one-quarter-inch with easy finishability for a durable, smooth floor surface with minimum labour and installation time. It can be poured or pumped, ready the next day for virtually all floor coverings. It also meets code with 140 UL fire-rated designs." TILE COMPANION Schluter Systems has two significant product enhancements available this spring. The first is the addition of three new designs in brushed stainless steel for the popular Schluter-Shelf for tiled show- ers, bringing the total number of designs to five. "These designs match with existing Schluter drain grates so designers and installers can unify the look throughout the shower area," says Tod Valickis, global product manager. All Schluter shelves are available in five different shapes and designed to fit neatly between rows of tile without the need for materials or fasteners to penetrate the waterproof- ing membrane on the walls. "They're suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications, and the end result is a sleek, clean finish featuring a shelf that will easily hold shower accessories." Over the past few years, the Schluter-Trendline textured colour-coated aluminum profiles in the square shape (Quadec) and the rounded shape (Rondec) have seen tremendous growth. "The matte black, white, and natural tones offered by these pro- files fit with current tile and d├ęcor choices in many situations," says Valickis. He adds the profiles are now available in 10-foot (3.05 m) lengths that are ideally suited for the growing design choice for high tiled walls in many areas of the home, including showers. "The longer profile lengths minimize vis- ible connecting joints for a cleaner final appearance and they reduce material waste on the job site." A Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept in use at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre. Williams Engineering.indd 1 2017-05-10 2:55

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