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M A R C H 2 0 2 1 | 31 Appliances P H OTO G R A P H Y CO U RT E SY COA S T W H O L E SA L E A P P L I A N C E S; T R A I L A P P L I A N C E S; F I S H ER & PAY K EL A P P L I A N C E I N C . – have also introduced colour ranges. This look can be co-ordinated with matching cabinetry panelled fridge and dishwasher." Also exclusively available at Midland Appliance is the Caliber Brand of Estate Sized Cooking Appliances in 36- and 72-inch width for any indoor and outdoor cooking needs. Caliber creates custom made ranges and rangetops with industry leading burner technol- ogy. Their outdoor Rockwell "social" Grill has people gather at the Cooking area, as it gives 360-degree access all around. Similarly, Hestan has a complete lineup of cus- tomizable appliances with a variety of signature colours; from the classic stainless of Steeletto to the fresh burst of Citra, Hestan offers 12 signature colour options to complement any kitchen style. McDonald says another product that is grow- ing in popularity is their line of heat pump dryers. "Heat pump dryers have been used in Europe for many years and are 60 percent more efficient because there is no heat loss. And by not having to vent the dryer, placement is more flexible. They are different from condensing units that bring warm, moist air back into the room." She explains that as the air circulates inside the drum, the air passing through the clothes picks up humidity in the garments, then the hot, humid air is extracted from the drum and moves to the heat exchanger and condenses before being pumped out. Finally, dry air is reheated and moved back inside the dryer drum. When it comes to fridge technology and advance- ments, look no further than Trail Appliances. "Manufacturers like Samsung or LG are using cam- eras to tie into smart technology," says Mike Speckman, regional sales manager. "Wireless technology can take pictures of products inside your fridge so you can see, for instance, how much milk you have left. You can also keep track of when you purchased the food inside with the expiration date and figure out if you need to buy the product again. These features are connected to the apps created by the manufacturer." Speckman says for the lower priced selection of products, they are seeing induction ranges being more popular and smartly priced. "You can get an induction range for under $2,000 now. Some of the ovens are offering a hybrid steam option where they have a spot for a small vessel of water being incor- porated into the oven. KitchenAid is one brand that offers that style. You can cook your product in the oven and because of that vessel of water, it becomes a more moist environment. With steam cooking, you're retaining approximately 30 percent more vitamins in the products you're cooking, especially if it's vegetables." He adds that they are also see- ing an increase in popularity of high-end, 24-inch appliances such as speed microwaves that are typi- cally built-in products. Coast Appliances has exciting new products for 2021 including the dual fuel ranges from Wolf and Bluestar, under-counter refrigeration from Sub- Zero, and GE Café appliances in matte white and matte black finishes. Also available are Bosch com- mercial ranges, Fisher & Paykel wine towers, and a re-introduction of the Dacor brand. "Another option will be the LG's new WashTower," says Scott Wong, sales manager. "Combining an ultra-large capacity front load washer and gas dryer into a space-saving single tower, it features an easy- reach centre control panel, and the Allergiene wash cycle that uses steam to remove common household allergens by more than 95 percent. There will be no need to sort or choose cycles because built-in sen- sors use AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size, then customize wash motions and dry temperatures, along with Appliances Coast more for advanced fabric care." He adds TurboWash 360 and TurboSteam dryer technology helps power through your loads in significantly less time. For 2021, Fisher & Paykel will continue to feature appliance suites across the brand's five appliance styles – Professional, Contemporary, Minimal, Integrated, and Classic - to highlight its beauty of choice philosophy. "The brand is adding new products across several styles to create a comprehensive and co-ordinated range of premium solutions," says Dara Henricksen, marketing and communications director. The Fisher & Paykel Series 11 DishDrawer offers flexibility with its ergonomic design, integrated technology including SmartDrive, knock-to-pause function, fully stainless-steel interior, and Wi-Fi capabilities for an enhanced user experience. It also features a 60-minute wash and dry cycle making it perfect for those who like to entertain. The Series 11 DishDrawer will be available with a stainless steel or integrated panel exterior. The 48-inch Professional Range with eight gas burners features a porcelain top, titanium dials, two independently operating convection oven cavities, and eight carefully engineered dual flow burners. Another option for cooks of all levels is the Vacuum and Warming Drawers. "This is great for preparing meals with the handle-free, push-to-open feature," says Henricksen. "These units are available in 24- and 30-inch models, and are easy to use with capacitive touch controls." She adds the vacuum seal drawer offers three levels of vacuum and heat seal- ing for effortless food preparation and preservation. Coloured Classic Range Hoods were specifi- cally designed to match the Classic Range line and are available in four colours: red, white, black, and stainless steel. They feature three fan speeds, powerful 600 CF maximum airflow, and offer edge-to-edge extraction making these hoods both practical and design-forward solutions for ventila- tion in the kitchen. Pacific Specialty Brands currently distributes the Tall Tub Blomberg Dishwasher with advanced German engineering. "With a five-level wash sys- tem and extra quiet operation, the Energy Star unit features inner illumination to see all of the dishes in any light condition, and a 30-minute quick wash option for lightly soiled dishes," says Minh Prak, marketing manager. The stainless steel tank protects dishwash- ers from heat and corrosion and sanitizes dishes at 167°F. Other features in some models include a built- in water softener to prevent dishes and glasses from being etched, and a flow-through heater that allows plastic items to be put on both the top and bottom trays without being damaged. The Blomberg Ada Tub dishwasher features mul- tiple flex racks with flip-down tines in the lower rack. "The weight-adjustable upper rack can be raised for adding baking trays, platters, and pans," Prak explains. Changes can be made with the FlexRack, which can be moved when the rack is fully loaded. Another option for adjusting the dishwasher capacity is the sliding cut- lery basket, which can be moved along the front row imply by sliding it from side to side. This unit also features a five-level wash system with a shower head that reaches every part of the dishwasher. Euro-Line Appliances Inc. released a North American twist to a European favourite with Canada's first 30-inch Pyrolytic clean with Steam capabilities and an assisted cooking menu. The AEG- B3007PS Built-In Multi-Function Oven is appealing on many levels, including a great look and technology with 11 cooking functions, including True Fan convec- tion with SteamAssist and Pyrolytic cleaning. "The B3007PS looks beautiful in any kitchen setting, while offering a wide range of the most modern assisted cooking and easy-to-use steam programs," says Mark Eglington, president. "It will even clean itself!" The TrueFan Convection distributes heat evenly throughout the oven ensuring perfect cooking tem- peratures, while the SteamAssist increases flavour intensity and prevents dryness. Steam is also used for baking and achieving fluffy, crusty bread. Visually, the multifaceted built-in design fits seamlessly into kitchens. The AEG oven is simple to operate with an intuitive touch screen menu to explore various cooking options, plus the benefit of easy oven cleaning using the Pyrolytic cleaning with the touch of a button. Simply wipe off the oven with a damp cloth after the cleaning cycle. The unit is also programmed in both English and French, as well as Celsius or Fahrenheit options. A WashTower from LG. LG InstaView Fridge. Fisher & Paykel Series 11 DishDrawer.

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