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La Cornue classic Château Series. Hestan Citra gas range. GE Café Series. M A R C H 2 0 2 1 | 29 Appliances P H OTO G R A P H Y CO U RT E SY TA S CO; M I D L A N D A P P L I A N C E; M I D N O RT H ER N A P P L I A N C E S The new generation of appliances that will blow your mind by LAURIE JONES E very year, appliance manufactur- ers raise the bar with new products that will make life simpler for con- sumers and professionals alike, blending technology and style for the best of both worlds. Michael Gnat, director of com- mercial sales at Midnorthern Appliance notes that because of the pandemic, the talk of the appliance industry has been more about supply challenges than innovation. "That being said, there have been some new releases from manufacturers who've updated their products," he says. "A new Miele dish- washer will automatically dispense detergent and rinse agent from a disc in the door, based on the soil level of the dishwasher and the cycle you choose." He adds in their multi-unit residential busi- ness in Eastern Canada, particularly Québec, they have seen an increase in demand for ventless laun- dry, with dryers that have condensers on the inside. "Traditional dryers need venting to the outside but the condenser takes the heat from the exhaust, con- denses it into moisture, and either flushes it through the washer drain or to a reservoir in the dryer that can be manually emptied." Gnat says more companies are offering column refrigeration to both their European and domestic lineup, with an all-fridge and all-freezer unit. "The companies introducing these include Bertazzoni and Fulgor. These high-end units come in 24-, 30-, and 36-inches. They are popular in premier kitch- ens because they give a sleek, flush, integrated look that's completely seamless." Gnat says they are seeing some really nice white appliances coming from GE Café. "People have been gravitating towards this because they're actually quite stunning. There's a lot of flexibility with copper handles, stainless handles, or gold-coloured handles." There comes a time in the appliance indus- try when a new product launch simply takes your breath away. The new Induction Series from La Cornue has done exactly that. For over 100 years, La Cornue has been sought after by gastronomers worldwide. Each appliance is handcrafted by mas- ter artisans using copper, stainless steel, and brass, with some units weighing over 600lbs. "This shift from La Cornue is an incredible one to see," says Iris Brown, product manager Tasco Appliances. "Many century-old manufacturers fear change, but La Cornue has listened and provided their consumers with exactly what they desire, within the exclusivity and iconic esthetics of the Château Series." In 2020, La Cornue announced that their clas- sic Château Series would now offer consumers an induction cooktop option on models 90, 120, and 150. "This announcement is equal to Maserati designing an electric car," says Brown. La Cornue's goal with this announcement is to match the changing life- styles and demands of their customers, providing them the beauty and quality of the classic La Cornue cooking line, with the modern technology desired today. In addition, La Cornue has teamed up with Mauviel, a century-old French manufacturer, to design custom La Cornue induction cookware. The cookware features nine layers of stainless steel to create high levels of conductibility. At Midland Appliance one area of focus for 2021 is colour appliances. "Stainless steel has been pop- ular for some time, now it's time for colour to pop," says Sylvia McDonald, designer sales. "Brands such as Smeg from Italy have products in bold colours such as red, green, orange, and yellow. Other man- ufacturers – Fulgor, La Cornue, and Fisher & Paykel Ingenious Innovations

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