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M A R C H 2 0 2 1 | 11 Restoration Products & Services P H OTO G R A P H Y CO U RT E SY M A P EI I N C . For example, several years ago when Mapei improved its Planitop 12 to include sulphate resis- tance (hence, Planitop 12 SR, a vertical, overhead, and horizontal repair mortar with silica fume) this led to the product being integral to the success last fall of restoring a concrete slab in Red River College's trade school, which was undergoing renovation. Eckmire says, "The concrete slab in the auto body shop had deteriorated quite a bit over the years and had poor sloping towards the drain. Following extensive remediation work, Planitop 12 SR was used to resurface the slab and create a proper grade down to a new drain." Eckmire adds that Planitop12SR's fibre reinforcement helps to give the mortar excep- tional tensile strength and control cracking. Maxime Duzyk, director of building science and engineering, North America at Huntsman Building Solutions, discusses the potential growth in 2021 for his company's D-Max Wall application with Heatlok Soya HFO. "With the new energy efficiency require- ments, the thickness of insulation is bound to increase, along with the construction costs," he says. "The D-Max wall assembly is a solution in the com- mercial market to keep a reasonable construction budget, while meeting the new requirements for effective R-value or U-value. It also creates a durable building envelope while having an ultra-low impact on global warming and being made out of recycled and renewable materials." Instead of installing exterior sheeting directly on the steel studs, the D-Max method employs a Z girt installed horizontally on the studs, with sheeting installed on top of the girts. This allows the foam to insulate the space created between the studs and the sheeting, thus elimi- nating the thermal bridge. The product is also water resistant, so it does not matter if the prod- uct is exposed to water during construction. When asked what specific type of projects the D-Max method is ideally suited for, Duzyk says, "The assembly is targeted at commercial construc- tion. It has also been designed for high-rise projects with concrete structure, and we have completed multi-residential condos and apartment projects that were initially not designed with this assembly." Brian Salazar is another industry insider who views the restoration market as robust during the pandemic. The national business development manager at Euclid Canada says, "In recent years we deliberately tried to involve ourselves more in this sector, for the simple reason that many concrete structures are in need of repair and we can help provide efficient and durable solutions." One product line from Euclid that is proving to be especially desirable for commercial restoration is the Level Top series, consisting of Level Top Stain (which can be coloured or stained within hours of placement and whose base colour cures to a light shade, making stain colours pop with a vibrancy not normally found in concrete); Level Top Polish (a high-strength overlay that may be polished 24 hours after placing for a brilliant, reflective shine); and Level Top PG AGG. The latter product is a graded natural aggregate designed for use on either new or worn concrete substrates. It provides excellent adhesion and long- term durability and can be ground and polished to achieve the appearance of polished concrete with a salt and pepper look. In addition to the restoration of floors, it's perfect for cast-in-place concrete slabs or precast applications where a uniform appearance is desirable. "Restorers appreciate that a half-inch- thick application of this overlay provides upwards of 7,000 psi compared to 4,000 psi for normal con- crete," says Salazar. "A recent restaurant restoration in Washington State highlighted its efficacy." Concrete slab restoration, Red River College, Winnipeg, MB. (CPCQA) CANADIAN PRECAST CONCRETE QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM PROGRAM (CPCQA) CANADIAN PRECAST CONCRETE QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (CPCQA) CANADIAN PRECAST CONCRETE QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Untitled-1 1 2/16/21 9:03

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