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D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 | 55 Royal Bay Secondary School Expansion R EN D ER I N G CO U RT E SY S O O K E S C H O O L D I S T R I C T #62 Carl-Jan Rupp, principal at HCMA Architecture + Design explains between the build times for the two portions of the school, the seismic requirements in the BC Building Code changed significantly. "This forced an additional scope of work that was not anticipated when the original school was built," he says. "The expansion was 50 percent larger than the original expansion design because of the growth of the school district. That made the site tight and required the school be built upward rather than outward. That entailed a third storey onto the existing building as well, which created com- plications in a variety of components in the building." Once solved, it inte- grated the old building into the new even better building because there was a lot of touch points. "The new spaces all culminate with a view into and through the new gym, then out to the community and ocean beyond," says Rupp. Spandrel panels were installed to the southern facing side of the school to reduce heat gain in the building. One feature that has become a game changer is the rooftop basketball court. "The success of the rooftop bas- ketball court at the Royal Bay School is finding its way into additional new schools that this School District #62 is designing elsewhere in the commu- nity," says Rupp. With any project that involves additions to original structures, partic- ularly schools, logistics play a key role. "We worked closely with the School Board to cordon off spaces in the school so the classes could still go ahead," says Russell Sheppard, project manager for Knappett Projects. "There was a lot of work that had to be done in the exist- ing school to upgrade existing systems, including seismic considerations, and mechanical and electrical systems." A LOCATION 3500 Ryder Hesjedal Way, Colwood, B.C. OWNER /DEVELOPER Sooke School District #62 ARCHITECT HCMA Architecture + Design GENER AL CONTR ACTOR Knappett Projects STRUCTUR AL CONSULTANT Herold Engineering MECHANICAL CONSULTANT SMcN Consulting Inc. ELECTRICAL CONSULTANT NRS Engineering L ANDSCAPE ARCHITECT/ CIVIL CONSULTANT Associated Engineering TOTAL COST $32 million TOTAL AREA 38,150 square feet Proudly working with Knappett on RBSS and many other Vancouver Island projects for 20 years. Another Brick In Nepal was founded by Rob Tournour following the 2015 earthquakes that devastated much of Nepal and is a Registered Canadian charity. Rob Tournour Masonry Ltd. is Victoria's leading masonry contractor in commercial and residential masonry. and e: I robtournourmasonry. com e: I RobTourney_AWARD_1220.indd 1 12/15/20 11:53 AM

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