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D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 | 51 West Broadway Commons P H OTO G R A P H Y BY M I K E P R AT T/CO U RT E SY N U M B ER T EN A RC H I T EC T U R A L G RO U P ; R EN D ER I N G CO U RT E SY U WC RC 2 .0 WEST BROADWAY COMMONS by LAURIE JONES W ith a collaboration between the All Saints Church and U WCRC 2.0 Inc., West Broadway Commons – a 110-unit mixed-income building in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba – is turning heads, blending the stained-glass beauty of a historical 1926-era church with a mod- ern, mixed-use vertical community. "The project was built with stu- dio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom rental suites," says Jeremy Read, CEO, University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation and U WCRC 2.0 Inc. "We like to think of the project as a neigh- bourhood in a box. The suites are configured across various rent types including affordable, market, pre- mium, and two luxury suites." While the 90,000-square-foot structure is following a new trend not to include balconies for more living space inside, there is a large common area and terrace on the ninth floor for tenants. The building is also near city and provincial parks so there's lots of green space in the area. In addition to sweeping views of the Legislature and the river beyond, the terrace includes a shared ame- nity area and a gym. The luxury suites have their own private terrace, again overlooking spectacular scenery. The primary concept is meant to give every- one a view, no matter their means. "Above the common terrace level, the floors are angled as they move upward to match the roofline of the adjacent historic church," Read explains. "We took advantage of the roof plates to create private terraces for the luxury suites. The building is located in a mature neighbourhood of Winnipeg. We took care to preserve many of the trees that existed along the streets." Built to be up to 30 percent better than National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) standards, the design team utilized energy modelling to optimize energy efficiencies. Greg Hasiuk, practice leader and partner at Number Ten Architectural Group, says with the cantilevered upper floor section, West Broadway Commons was designed to minimize the mass of the building and give the common areas and terrace one of the best views in the city. "During construction, we worked closely with the Church to accommodate parishioners entering the building." A pocket park located at the main entrance will be accessible to both tenants and the church. LOCATION 175 Colony Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba OWNER /DEVELOPER UWCRC 2.0 / All Saints Anglican Church ARCHITECT Number TEN Architectural Group GENER AL CONTR ACTOR Bockstael Construction Limited STRUCTUR AL CONSULTANT Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. MECHANICAL /ELECTRICAL CONSULTANT Epp Siepman Engineering CIVIL CONSULTANT WSP TOTAL SIZE 90,000 square feet TOTAL COST $32 million 8:43 AM

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