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D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 | 39 Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury Equally playful are hidden clues about the nature of the building that the architects hope will be discov- ered by the public over time. "For example, on one side of the facility we incorporated seven different types of windows, which represent the seven founding partners," Belanger says. The oxidized stone outcroppings that dot Greater Sudbury's landscape was the inspiration for weathering steel as the facility's cladding. "This type of steel will oxidate for a few months and then stabilize, giving the build- ing a wonderful patina," Belanger says. Similarly, textured masonry block for the building's base harkens to Sudbury's mineral composition. With flexibility a constant con- sideration, the architects designed the salon/foyer to interconnect with the bistro and provide multi-pur- pose space for dining, street festivals, and gallery. The salon also doubles as lobby space for theatre patrons. The second floor terrace is primarily used by daycare but can also be accessed by youth programs and art workshops during evenings and weekends. The third floor is reserved for administra- tion space. Buttressing all this is the three- storey theatre with catwalks and motorized linesets over the perfor- mance area. Acoustic specialists aided the architects in the creation of partitions and vibration isolation to separate the space from the rest of the building and from an adjacent railway. HEIN had the advantage of tak- ing over a site that had already been prepped. Originally, one of the first hotels built in Sudbury (the King Edward Hotel) occupied the site and was later demolished for a parking lot; when the parking lot was demolished, the hotel's original foundation walls were uncovered and deemed structur- ally strong enough to help support the new facility. From there construction pro- ceeded, and a nearby city parking was used for staging. "We had to halt construction for two months because of COVID and then resumed with reduced manpower, and we also had to overcome supplier issues," says Andreas Kazda, project manager at HEIN. "As of November the build- ing was enclosed, and we'll install the weathering steel and other exterior finishes over winter." With a rough completion date of summer of 2021, Lavigne echoes the sentiments of his colleagues when he says, "This is an absolutely gorgeous centre, and the City must be credited for giving our project full support. Frankly, we can't wait to move in." A R EN D ER I N G CO U RT E SY YA L LOW EGA B √ČL A N G ER SA L AC H A RC H I T EC T U R E 11:13 AM Proud to be the Mechanical Contractor for the Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury project. 705-674-6175 466 St. George Street Sudbury, ON NuNorth_AWARD_1220.indd 1 12/7/20 11:15 AM

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