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D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 | 13 Concrete Just as concrete product suppliers are busy in 2020, so too is the admixture sector. Brian Salazar, national business development manager at Euclid Canada, cites Eucon Baracade WPT as an example of a new water repellent with waterproofing technology. "It's currently being used in the northern U.S and will likely soon be used here in Canada because it forms a barrier to prevent water ingress and prevent freeze/ thaw damage, vital for exterior applications." Eucon Baracade WPT is a high-performance sil- icone polymer-based emulsion that improves the durability and surface integrity of poured in place and precast concrete in harsh weather conditions. By resisting moisture and chloride ion penetration, con- crete infused with this product reduces the potential for scaling, spalling, and other moisture-related deg- radation. The visual appeal of decorative concrete can also be improved by using Eucon Baracade WPT to decrease the potential for secondary efflorescence. Unlike topically applied sealers, Eucon Baracade WPT produces a chemically bonded and insolu- ble protection mechanism throughout the concrete mix; in short, the capillary pores of the concrete become resistant to water penetration making it less susceptible to damage as long as the concrete is properly air entrained. Salazar says, "We're also still very heavily involved in promoting fiber and going after the slab- on-grade and slab metal deck applications." He is referring to Euclid's expertise in fiber-reinforced concrete: the company provides synthetic micro and macro fibers and steel fibers for concrete applica- tions under the PSI Fiberstrand, TUF-STR AND, and PSI Steel Fibers trade names. Les Faure, advertising and promotion director at Xypex Chemical Corporation, says of his company's product offerings in 2020, "We're very happy with the continued widespread usage of Bio-San C500 around the world, wherever cost-effective longevity of infrastructure is required." Bio-San directly addresses microbial induced corrosion, a process involving sulfate-reducing bac- teria that generate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas in the waste of sewer systems. This gas is released from the wastewater in areas of increased turbulence such as manholes and head works; it then dissolves in the moisture and slime layer coating the concrete walls of these structures and is metabolized by bacteria into sulfuric acid – which eventually can destroy unprotected concrete. Xypex Bio-San C500 is a dual-protection admix- ture that combines crystalline waterproofing with a mineral-based antimicrobial that kills the thio- bacillus group of bacteria species responsible for microbial induced corrosion. It is manufactured in a dry powder that is added to the concrete at the time of batching. Its antimicrobial components are mixed in a mineral matrix that becomes an integral part of the concrete (it cannot wear out or be washed off). Bio-San C500 can be used in any project requiring a high level of corrosion resistance, water- proofing, and antimicrobial protection, but it is mainly recommended for use in sewage systems, especially in areas where H2S gas is likely to accu- mulate, including sewer lines with long retention times, sealed or unvented manholes, and various areas within wastewater treatment plants. P H OTO G R A P H Y CO U RT E SY EU C L I D A D M I X T U R E S Eucon Baracade WPT high-performance silicone polymer-based emulsion. Untitled-3 1 11/16/20 2:35 PM

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