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OCTOBER 2019 | 15 Insulation PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY CANADIAN PRECAST PRESTRESSED CONCRETE INSTITUTE also designed to match all standard AWIP facing pan- els and finishes, so esthetics aren't compromised. Brian Hall, managing director, Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI), notes that the insulation thickness of Double Wythe precast con- crete insulated wall panels can vary to create the desired thermal insulating property, with typical R factors from R-15 to R-40 for the wall being relatively easy to achieve. Hall is an advocate of Double Wythe precast con- crete panels partly due to their versatility. "They can be strictly architectural, strictly structural, or a com- bination of both," he says. "The difference between typical panels and insulated wall panels is that the latter are cast with rigid insulation sandwiched between two layers, or wythes, of concrete. "Insulated sandwich wall panels can be designed to be load bearing and support floor and roof compo- nents. They make an ideal structural element for this purpose, normally by casting a thicker interior wythe to provide the necessary support. They can also be non-load bearing to complete a facade. Typical panel widths are one to five metres, the typical height is two to five metres, and the typical thicknesses is 13 to 30 centimetres, including 2.5 to 15.2 centimetres of insulation." R factors from R-15 to R-40 for the wall can also be achieved via the thin-shell Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) system, which Hall describes as, "Where the exterior wythe of concrete con- tains alkali-resistant glass fibres that are normally sprayed into forms. The fibres increase tensile, flex- ural, and impact strengths. Both that along with thin Double Wythe precast concrete panels. SUPERIOR INSULATION. COMPLETE SOLUTION. S O P R E M A . C A 1 . 8 7 7 . M A M M O U T H ROOFS WALLS FOUNDATIONS PARKING DECKS BRIDGES ADDITIONAL EXPERTISE WATERPROOFING INSULATION VEGETATIVE SOLUTIONS ACCESSORY PRODUCTS SOUNDPROOFING Untitled-3 1 10/2/19 2:34 PM

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