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realadvice The Kindest Cut When you can't invite everyone you know, you can still trim your guest list with tact and grace By Connie Jeske Crane Illustration by Mandy Lau PLANNING A SMALLER, MORE INTIMATE WEDDING? You're not alone. Industry insiders have pointed to smaller weddings as a definite trend. Today's celebrations "are getting more intimate — not necessarily small, but they are getting more intimate," says Danielle Andrews Sunkel of the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. "It's not the huge faceless event." There are some lovely aspects to a smaller affair. Without 400 guests to worry about, couples can lavish more attention on their nearest and dearest. Shyer brides and grooms may feel less overwhelmed. And, "it's less stressful," adds Genève McNally, of Vancouver-based wedding planners, DreamGroup Productions. "Plus, the money you save is wonderful and goes towards an expensive mortgage in Vancouver," she laughs. Finally, a smaller occasion can wildly expand your venue options, notes McNally: "There are so many great spaces in Vancouver." Yet for all these pluses, experts say there's a trade-off, and it comes in the form of all the negotiations and blowback associated with trimming people from your list. "I don't know that it is entirely possible not to hurt feelings. That is a very tricky situation," says Sunkel. Tricky or not, Anna Post, etiquette expert and great-great-granddaughter of the renowned Emily Post, says couples shouldn't feel guilty. "Smaller weddings are perfectly fine to have. It is completely up to you and your budget." With smaller weddings on the rise, we sought some sound advice. Here's what the experts had to say. GATHER SPECIFICS Before sitting down with your parents (not to mention future in-laws) to hammer out the guest list, Post advises you know your budget, so you "have a good sense of how many people with that budget you might be able to invite. You may need to consult with your caterer first." You should also keep in mind how many guests your venue can accommodate. 16 real weddings planning guide 2014 p16-19_Guest List.indd 16 13-11-26 11:55 AM

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