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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 0 | 17 designs such as the mixed metals with brass and silver in the Rise line. Jenn Air has also added new options for the Culinary Center, such as suggested menus. There are hundreds of options. People don't even have to know how to cook, the stove will do it for them. Another added feature are knobs with a halo effect so users know the units are turned on." Ford notes JennAir also has flat tine racks in ovens for enhanced cooking. All the features of the Rise line are sleek and modern. The second new product for JennAir is the Noir, which is similar to Rise with cooking options, but Noir appliances include glass and metal to give a modern look. "Another modern future for Rise and Noir is Wi-Fi," says Ford. "It's all about convenience. Some people prepare a roast in the morning and want to turn the oven on at 3 p.m. with their smartphone so the dinner is ready by the time they get home. Or some people may want to look in their Samsung refrigerator while they are at work to see what they need to buy on the way home." ASIAN INFLUENCE Bradlee Distributors has introduced the Sealed Burner Rangetop (SRT) Wok Burner. This specialized rangetop configuration harnesses Wolf's legendary performance and applies it to the dynamic wok cooking tradition. "Every detail of the wok burner design, from the high-to-low control of the plumed flame to the cradling wok pan ring, uniquely aids the home cook in masterfully execut- ing a host of wok cooking techniques," says Jacklyn Norris, marketing manager. "For accomplishing additional cooking tasks, Wolf's iconic and equally precise dual-stacked, sealed burners flank the wok burner." The SRT Wok Burner handles a variety of cooking techniques from searing at 35,000 Btu to a simmer at 3,500 Btu. Flat bottomed pans can be used with the wok burner grate. "The plumed burner flame focuses the heat in the centre of the wok pan, while creating graduated temperature zones along the sides," Norris explains. "The Wolf patented two-in-one burner design offers high-to- low temperature control for balanced cooking." Norris adds the drip zone around the wok burner chamber surface catches spills. "Ordinarily food and other spills would get trapped in the gaps, but the SRT Wok design eliminates that." The SRT provides a professional look with the Wolf signature red control knobs, and it also co-ordinates well with Sub-Zero, Cove, and Wolf appliances. HOMEST YLE CHEF 'S KITCHEN Trail Appliances, exclusive distributor for Dacor appliances in Western Canada, offers two kitchen collections – Modernist and Heritage. "The focus for Modernist is on sleek lines and elevated style," says Mike Speckman, director of retail sales. "The 42-inch Four-Door French Door refrigerator includes a dual ice maker that makes both regular and cocktail ice – a perfectly-sized clear cube for cocktails." He adds the stainless steel interiors means more consistent internal temperatures. The unit also comes with a 15-year compressor warranty for built-in refrigeration. Available with panel-ready customization with either wood or stainless steel, the Four-Door French Door refrigerator features counter-height vertical bottom freezer drawers, and the FreshZone Plus compartment allows flexibility with the option of making more space when needed. Adding to the classic look of a kitchen, the Dacor Heritage collection offers a Dual Fuel Pro Range. "This range is for experienced foodies and new home gourmet cooks with features that include SimmerSear burners that will boil water quickly or maintain a gentle, consistent simmer," says Speckman. "There is no flavour transfer with the four-part convection that gives superior consistency in cooking. The large, commercial sized oven is big enough for three full-sized cookie sheets." True Residential, a luxury home refrigeration brand with commercial DNA, adds spacious new 36-inch Column refrigerators to its expansive and stylish range. This unit allows homeowners the freedom to incorporate large-capacity refrigeration columns without taking up a large footprint. "Our solutions-based approach to refrigeration consistently provides design- ers and their clients with the opportunity to design their kitchen in the manner that best fits their lifestyle," says Steve Proctor, director of sales and marketing. "With 25.1 cubic feet of interior space, the 36-inch Column can accommodate items as large as an 18-inch by 26-inch commercial-sized sheet pan, while not impeding on precious square footage. Whether an avid home chef or habitual entertainer, homeowners can expect true flexibility." The new Column, available as both refrigerators (available with or without a glass door) and freezers, joins a substantial range of full-sized refrigeration options including the 30-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch Column. Each is made with True's exclusive 300-series stainless steel for an antibacterial, hygienic, and easy-to-clean interior. Ramp-up showcase lighting provides superior illumination throughout, while intuitive True Precision Control and readout provides digital accuracy and easy operation. The addition of the 36-inch offers homeowners added design flexibility as the units are also available in the brand's Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware, allowing for the choice of 48 unique combinations to meet any style needs. COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL For years homeowners had the choice of buying their appliances in white, white, or well white. After evolving consumer demands, appliances started to appear more frequently in stainless steel that quickly took over as the appliance colour of choice for most buyers. Now, with the rise of customization in just about everything consumers can buy, appliance companies have evolved and are offering more colours and more colour combinations. "With KitchenAid's newly released Gas Commercial Range segment, which features eight colour options and customized accessories, we are seeing brands move even further into the world of colour and leaving behind the stainless steel and white as the only options available," says Lee Salter, merchandising and promotions manager from Tasco Appliances. Kitchens are becoming more colour focused in 2020 and appliances are being customized to match. The Café Appliances Matte White line with customizable hardware is another example of this trend. "Consumers are wanting more flexibility with their appliances, they want them to become part of the design of their kitchen, not an afterthought," says Salter. EUROPEAN CHARM Euro-line Appliances recently launched SMEG's Divina Cucina line of Italian premium appliances across Canada. Speaking to the brilliance of old-world European craftsmen with an explosion of technologically advanced, Appliances Sealed Burner Rangetop (SRT) Wok Burner from Bradlee Distributors. Dacor Modernist kitchen collection available through Trail Appliances.

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