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Fall 2019

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option you can get, including seven-speed, dual clutch DSG (direct-shi gearbox) transmission, with paddle shiers. You can put it in manual mode and drive it using just the shier or the paddles, or sport mode, which stiffens up the suspension and pushes the engine up to performance modules. It's very customizable. I love the interior. It's trimmed with carbon fibre and has what they call the "Panda" two-tone interior, black leather seats with silvery-white insets. CMB: What have you done to make this car your own? TR: e horsepower from the factory was 333, and it's about 355 right now. I've done a few things to it. I've upgraded to braided stainless steel brake lines and cross-drilled and slotted rotors with Hawk HPS 5.0 performance brake pads – because if you need to go fast, you need to stop faster! I also put in an AWE Cat-Back exhaust system, H & R Sport springs for a little lower stance, and a set of ABT 19-inch aermarket wheels. CMB: Would you say you're a speedster or a cruiser? TR: Definitely a speedster! CMB: What are some of the fun things you've done with this car? TR: Show and shines are typically what I go to. I was president and co-founder of Audi Club Western Canada and just stepped down at the beginning of this year. We have probably five or six different events a year, including cruise and drives, and performance driver education (PDE) where you have opportunities to go onto tracks or open facilities with professional instructors. CMB: Do you ever let anyone else drive your car? TR: I'm not really picky about things like that. I've had a few friends with whom I've swapped cars for the weekend. It's not that rare to let someone else drive it, but it's definitely not a rental! CMB: How long do you think you'll keep this vehicle? TR: I've got another car on order with Audi, but I don't know if I'll get rid of this one. I'll probably just get some more aermarket parts and make it a toy car. I have a 600-square-foot detached shop on my property and I come from a couple generations of millwrights and auto mechanics, so I've inherited a lot of tools. Although I don't get into any major engine rebuilding, I handle a lot of the bolt-on parts myself. 26 | FALL 2019 CMB MAGAZINE brokersoff-the-clock I've got another car on order with Audi, but I don't know if I'll get rid of this one."

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