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J UNE 2019 | 17 Landscape Products Moroz explains that because ZenWall is double sided, it is perfect for free- standing wall applications. "Both DIYers and contractors can use this because the wall blocks are not too large and it is a three-piece unit that makes it pretty simple. It comes in two colours – grey and charcoal," he says. "What makes it nice is that the standard unit has different profiles so there are up to 36 different variations and each block is different. It can be turned over to get a different look. It still has a traditional interlock system that is easy for anyone to install and ensures the product is secure when constructing a wall." The standard unit measures 13 inches by 8.85 inches by three inches, the cop- ing unit is 13 inches by 10.25 inches by three inches, and the corner unit is larger at 14.75 inches by 8.6 inches by three inches. The ZenWall can be used for everything from traditional retaining walls and mailbox stands to fire pits and steps. Solus Decor is focusing on a fire and water theme for its products for outdoor living in 2019. According to Brad Carpenter, CEO, the Solus water bowl is a simple, self-circulating, self-contained water feature with no exterior plumbing. "It has created a great response from the design community," he says. "The other product we are excited about is the Fire & Water Bowl, which has a pan of circulating water that sits on the top surface. It will be launched in early summer of 2019." He explains the water circulates around the fire so it almost creates a babbling brook effect with a fire erupting from the middle. "Again, there's no plumbing required for this unit. It can operate as just a fire feature, a water feature, or fire and water combined," he says. "Our two best-selling fire pits are the Hemi series of fire bowls and the Halo series of square fire tables. We created a series of table tops that sit over top of the fire pit allowing for the fire pit to be a functional table as well as a fire pit. This allows designers more options when it comes to designing the space and not hav- ing to compromise a table instead of a fire pit." Barkman Concrete Ltd. offers a diverse selection of precast concrete products that include pavers, slabs, walls, steps, landscape kits, and accessories. These products can be used for various applications such as driveways, patios, walk- ways, garden walls, and pool decks, creating an outdoor living space. ZenWall from Belgard. The Solus water bowl from Solus Decor. Vancouver Bay architectural slabs from Mutual Materials. Solus Decor.indd 1 2019-05-15 7:52 AM

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