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22 BCA A .COM SUMMER 2018 iStock Take the quiz below and add up the numbers beside each answer you select. Then turn to the next page to learn your hosting personality. Which of these sounds most like a summer party you would host? • A backyard barbecue with wine and cheese for adults, and games for kids. (2) • Board games with a few close friends. (1) • A raucous house party with a cocktail bar and a DJ. (3) When do your parties usually wrap up? • Does the party ever really end? (3) • Midnight to 2 a.m. We try to shut it down before our neighbours complain. (2) • Between 10 p.m. and midnight, latest. We kayak at dawn. (1) Which one best describes your message to guests about the consumption of alcohol and cannabis (once legal) at your parties? • We're here for a good time, not a long time – let's celebrate! (3) • We prefer you do that stuff on your own time. But if you must, we'll make sure you don't drive home. (1) • BYO and let's have fun, but we'll keep an eye on consumption to make sure things don't get out of hand. (2) What kind of food do you usually serve at a summer party? • We prepare a few items, like veggies and dip, and fire up the grill. But we always make sure we're serving fresh, properly cooked food. (2) • BBQ extravaganza! We supply the mystery meat and you won't get out of here without trying one of our famous rare-cooked burgers. (3) • Chips and dip, or other packaged snacks, but most of the time people eat before they come over. (1) How would you describe your home's state of repair? • Fair. We try to keep on top of it, but sometimes things stay broken for a few weeks or months. (2) • Excellent. We always let our landlord know when there is an issue, and she fixes it right away. (1) • Not great, but it's a rental, so it's not our problem. (3) You have a broken step that guests could trip over: how do you let them know? • We'll mark it with some bright tape and warn everyone as they arrive. (1) • We'll probably forget, but hey, everyone should be looking out for themselves anyway. (3) • We'll holler "watch out" when anyone goes near. (2) Which of these backyard amenities would you want for your next rental, if money was no object? • A small patio or green space for entertaining one or two guests at a time. (1) • Enough space to host all of the neighbours, with a swing set for kids. (2) • All of the above. But adding a pool, firepit or trampoline would be epic. (3) You've tidied up prior to a party – where do you store cleaning products and chemicals? • Wherever we can. We don't have a lot of storage, so there could be some near the party zone. (3) • Mostly hidden away, but we like to keep a few heavy-duty cleaners on hand for spills and stains. (2) • Out of reach and in an area guests can't access. (1) How do you feel about pets at parties? • Pups are welcome, so long as their owners keep them under control. (2) • We don't have any pets, and we ask our guests to leave theirs at home. (1) • Our dog is a family member, and he gets to party, too. Off-leash dog friends welcome! (3)

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