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FEBRUA RY 2017 | 21 Plumbing Products Plumbing products for 2017 combine superior technology with breathtaking designs by LAURIE JONES F or most people, having state-of-the-art technology in their plumbing products may not always be top of mind; but that is exactly what is happening in the industry that supplies our toilets, tubs, vanity sinks and faucets. Bradley Corporation, an industry leader in all-in-one hand washing technol- ogy, breaks new ground with the introduction of its striking Verge with all-in-one WashBar technology. Inspired by feedback from design professionals around the world, the new system integrates Bradley's Verge basin in Evero quartz material along with unique clean+rinse+dry functionality housed in the new WashBar feature. "Verge with WashBar technology is a single cohesive and elegant lavatory design that creates an inviting and intuitive space for a complete hand washing experi- ence," says Kris Alderson, senior marketing manager. "This all-in-one hand wash- ing fixture is defined by its clean+rinse+dry concept and streamlined esthetic." Having soap, water and dryer all within immediate reach, the Verge – along with patented WashBar technology – elevates convenience, comfort and safety in com- mercial washrooms. "Since all hand washing elements are easily accessible in one unit, the user need not move from the station in search of soap, towels or a hand dryer," says Alderson. "In addition to its user convenience, Verge with WashBar has a unique integrated design that ensures water stays in the basin as opposed to drip- ping on the floor or down the walls." Designed to enhance all the fundamentals of hand washing, the cutting edge WashBar technology is comprised of a single piece of chrome-plated stainless steel that combines soap, water and dryer. LED lighting on the WashBar helps to visually orient the user through the hand washing process with easy to identify icons on top of the bar. The WashBar's streamlined design eliminates the cluttered look of three separate components, and complements Verge's sleek esthetic. Canadians considering renovations this year may get inspiration from Kohler with its new Abrazo 66- by 32-inch freestanding bath with centre toe-tap drain. Hide & Sleek "We're continuing to see customers transform their bathrooms into relaxing retreats so they can unwind from their fast-paced lives," says Donna Church, mar- keting and communications manager, Kohler Canada. "Freestanding baths make a statement this winter, as a centrepiece for any spa-at-home retreat. Many styles are offered with calming experiences like hydrotherapy, chromatherapy and even VibrAcoustic technology, which has speakers in the walls of the bath." The Abrazo bath makes a bold focal point for a contemporary bathroom with its oval shape inspired by clay pottery. The unique solid-surface material has the attrac- tive matte finish of smooth stone, a slotted overflow allowing for the deepest possible water level and a centre toe-tap drain with cover that complete the stylish design. "At Kohler, we feel fixtures can help maximize the look and feel of a space," says Church. "For example, the Artifacts line kitchen selections feature the Gentleman's Bar Faucet. This design was inspired by vintage spigots and classic soda fountains making it a charming throwback to more refined times." Another standout option from Kohler is the one-piece toilet that not only looks sleek, but makes cleaning faster. "The Karing Intelligent skirted one-piece elongated toilet has a tankless design," says Church. "This unit is all about convenience. It fea- tures touchscreen remote, heated seat, cleansing, air-dryer and custom setting for up to two users. It also has an LED nightlight and hands-free opening and closing, making it a truly luxury toilet." American Standard has just launched its ActiClean self-cleaning toilet for the Canadian market. This system combines the power of revolutionary VorMax flush- ing technology with a fully integrated self-cleaning system. "Everyone wants a spar- kling clean home, especially for entertaining family and friends, but when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, and more specifically the toilet, it is simply a job that none of us want to do," says Michael Del Guidice, marketing director for American Standard Brands, Lixil Water Technology Americas. "The ActiClean toilet solves that problem with two self-cleaning flush cycles, in which the toilet cleans itself. This is true innovation that improves daily living." A convenient flip-up door on the tank top houses the control panel for the clean- ing system, which is activated at the user's choice. For homes with small children, the cleaning function can be locked and the cleaning cycle can even be cancelled mid-cycle, if needed. The user presses the button for the preferred cleaning cycle – a Quick Clean that takes one minute; or a Deep Clean that offers an extended, 10-minute cleaning cycle. The powerful VorMax jetted force allows the cleaner to completely scour the bowl from top to bottom. Freestanding Abrazo bath with centre toe-tap drain from Kohler; Bradley Corporation's all-in-one WashBar technology defined by its clean+rinse+dry concept; ActiClean self-cleaning toilet from American Standard featuring two self-cleaning flush cycles.

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