Mineral Exploration

Winter 2016

Mineral Exploration is the official publication of the Association of Mineral Exploration British Columbia.

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4J Vine Sully Monroe Zinger Elkhorn Elkview Irishman Greenhills Loop Ridge Mount Brussilof Silica Line Creek Coal Creek Boulder Gold Bingay Creek Dewdney Trail Kootenay Fording River Coal Mountain Crown Mountain Gallowai Bul River Creek Silica Slide Mountain Stikine Quesnel Yukon-Tanana Craton and cover Platformal strata strata Creek and North America platformal Phosphate Zeolite Pumice Silica Shale Slag ±P±Cu±Au±Ag±U Continental Sediments and Volcanics Ag-Pb-Zn±Au and stockwork Carbonatites Nb Ni-Cu Pt±Os±Rh±Ir Ultramafic/Mafic Mill Development Exploration Project TL 4J Elk MAX Fox Bud Cummins River Vine Thor Ajax Sully Brett Willa Monroe Zinger Winner Elkhorn Klinker Clifton Elkview Irishman Falkland Longworth Goldstream Greenhills Loop Ridge Harper Creek Mountain River Mount Brussilof Moberley Silica Basin May Mac Ketchan Lake BC Sugar Lexington Shovelnose Whitewater Lucky Mike Line Creek Coal Creek Midway Mine Copper King Aspen Grove Station Boulder Gold La Hache Harper Ranch Bingay Creek Bonanza Ledge Ruddock Creek Creek Dewdney Trail Black Crystal Kootenay West Fording River Coal Mountain Jersey- Emerald Mountain Crown Mountain Mountain Spanish Mountain Lady King Basalt New Afton (Cu-Au) Treasure Mountain Gallowai Bul River Horse Creek Silica Driftwood Magnesite Polley (Cu-Au) Cariboo Gold Project Kettle Valley quarries Copper Mountain (Cu-Au) Bromley Creek (all pits) Aggregate Aggregate Coal Coal Primary commodity Geologic setting Coast Plutonic complex Outboard Alexander Slide Mountain Stikine Wrangellia Quesnel Yukon-Tanana Cassiar Craton and cover Platformal strata Basinal strata Younger Volcanics Overlap Cache Creek and affiliates Ancestral North America platformal Post accretionary assemblages Terranes Industrial mineral Diatomite Phosphate Jade Basalt Dimension stone Limestone Zeolite Pumice Silica Gypsum Graphite Bentonite Magnesite Shale Barite Clay Slag Opal Fluorite Amber ±P±Cu±Au±Ag±U Continental Sediments and Volcanics Au, Cu±Ag Ag-Pb-Zn±Au Vein, breccia, and stockwork Carbonatites Nb Ag-Pb-Zn Manto Ni-Cu Pt±Os±Rh±Ir Ultramafic/Mafic W Skarn Cu, Au Au-Ag-Cu Epithermal Zn-Pb±Ag Sediment-hosted Cu-Zn±Pb Volcanogenic massive sulphide Metal Cu-Ag-Au (As-Sb) Porphyry Cu-Au Mo Cu±Mo±Au coloured by commodity Mill Property status Operating Development Exploration Project Proposed Care and Maintenance Vancouver Southeast South Central Smithers Prince George Kamloops Cranbrook Victoria Northwest North Central Northeast Southwest Southeast South Central United States Vancouver Winter 20 1 6 47 Aramark.indd 1 2016-10-20 3:17 PM Silver King Helicopters.indd 1 2015-11-12 3:12 PM

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