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A hiking trip to Banff, a conference in Toronto or a wedding in Fredericton – for routine trips within Canada, Travel Insurance isn't always top of mind. But when a medical emergency strikes, the results can be anything but routine. Many British Columbians are surprised to find out that when travelling within Canada, their provincial health plan has limits, says Jackie Rosman, Senior Insurance Advisor with BCAA. "Your BC medical does cover a lot within Canada, but it doesn't cover everything. So if something big happens on a trip, even in Alberta, you could be on the hook for a lot of expenses," she says. While British Columbia's Medical Service Plan ( MSP) has reciprocal agreements with the other provinces and territories (except Quebec), services such as ambulance rides, medical equipment rentals and ER fees usually Paulo Heroncio/Flickr SUMMER 2016 BCA A .COM 21 ask the expert DESTINATIONS Canada, Covered Why you need travel medical insurance for trips to other provinces BY ROBIN SCHROFFEL BC's Medical Service Plan (MSP) doesn't cover out-of-province ambulance rides. Here's how much you could pay without travel medical insurance.* TIP! BCAA offers single-trip and annual Travel Insurance policies. Plus, Members save 10%. bcaa.com/ insurance aren't included. In short: if the unexpected happens out-of-province, it could come paired with a sizeable bill. So Travel Insurance can lead to substantial savings. A real-world example: when Fred and Helen, a Canadian couple in their 60s (names changed for privacy) were driving through Saskatchewan, Fred suffered a minor heart attack at the wheel and lost consciousness, which resulted in a crash. Travel Insurance saved them $2,547 in ambulance fees, hotel charges, prescription costs and airfare back home. In comparison, the price of a Travel Insurance policy is downright affordable. BCAA's policies start at just $20, giving the policyholder $10 million of coverage that expands on what MSP provides. Travellers can rely on this coverage to take care of everything from air evacuation, and flying family to their bedsides, to getting vehicles back home. To ensure you're covered in an emergency, it's a good idea to purchase Travel Insurance well before leaving the province. "Most people don't expect that anything major is going to happen on a trip, but the unexpected happens all the time," Rosman says. "A lot of extra little costs are covered by travel medical, and there's also peace of mind in knowing that costs will be paid up front wherever they can be." ■ The Price of an Ambulance Ride Outside BC *For medically necessary transport of a non-resident to hospital; 5 km trip with "basic life support" provided. Calgary, Alberta: $585 Regina, Saskatchewan: $375 Brandon, Manitoba: $793 Toronto, Ontario: $240 Montreal, Quebec: $409 Halifax, Nova Scotia: $733 Hitting the road in Alberta this summer? Be sure you have travel medical insurance.

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