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FEBRUARY 2015 | 19 Plumbing Products Delta's Temp2O hand shower collection takes the guesswork out of showering with a digital tempera- ture readout and features three colour indicators to show you the approximate temperature of the water. Rubinet's Dream Shower is thermostatically con- trolled as well, and includes a large ceiling showerhead as well as a wall-mounted, three-function showerhead plus a wall-mounted bidet foot rinse combo. "In con- dos, there's no room for an additional fixture, so we brought that concept into the shower," says Rubinet's Luisi. In the Dream Shower, recessed wall niches give users a place to stow their shampoos and soaps, while a linear drain allows designers to use any tile they want instead of conforming to options that can slope to a centre drain. A grab bar and wall mounted seat are additions that accommodate users of all ages. Kohler's expanded digital thermostatic valve (DTV) product line leads the high-tech trend in the bathroom. "The use of high-tech products started out in the kitchen and has made great strides into the bathroom with the Touchless flush toilet, Nightlight toilet seat and the latest from Kohler, the Purefresh toilet seat, all launching this year," explains Schrage. "This is a trend that is here to stay as millennials who rely on technol- ogy begin to move into the home-buying market." Today, you can also turn almost any toilet into a hands-free product with Kohler flushing mechanism from Robinson Lighting and Bath. Or, there's American Standard's VorMax Flush Technology, which cleans the bowl with each flush to save the homeowner time and energy, or the Studio Activate toilet, which offers a germ-free, no-touch flush that's reliable and highly efficient with a slow-close telescoping seat. But technology should never compromise the user experience, Bosco points out. "The design needs to be user-friendly; the technology needs to provide a real benefit. The water conservation features need to pro- vide a real savings without compromising the water experience and functionality of the faucet." DIY plays a major role in redecorating and renova- tion projects, so homeowners are looking for products that they can easily install on their own. American Standard's Speed Connect faucets install in one third of the time of a regular faucet, and the Cadet Pro and Champion Pro Series toilets include an EZ-install tool kit to make the process quick and painless. Simplifying sink installations for plumbers is key to making the renovation or build- ing process as quick as possible. Franke Commercial Systems' EZ Torque fas- tening system is now shipping on every new commercial topmount sink in production, with exception of vanities and drainboards. "Most of Commercial Systems basins install easily on a wall-mounted bracket as opposed to the bulky arm carriers used for vitreous china sinks," says Rosalind Daschuk, marketing co- ordinator for Commercial Systems at Franke Kindred Canada. Installation of Delta's Faucet Proximity self- calibrates once it's been installed, making it easy for the everyday handyman or woman, and a surface mount control box makes it easy to access the controls for installation and rou- tine facility maintenance. Freestanding soaker tubs are more popu- lar than ever, replacing high-maintenance jet tubs. American Standard's freestanding tubs all include a pre-installed centre toe-tap drain and integral overflow – details that make a soak that much more relaxing. Delta also now offers contem- porary freestanding tub fillers to meet that growing demand for residential soaker tubs, but freestanding tub designs are smaller than they have been in previ- ous years, notes Kempinski. "Years ago, it was a six-foot by 36-inch tub, whereas today it would be a five-foot by 36-inch product. You still get that freestanding look but you aren't using as much space." A nd out side t he home, bat h- room design remains important. "Restrooms are areas that speak volumes about a business or enter- prise," explains Kris Alderson, senior marketing manager for Bradley Corporation. "We've seen a direct correlation between rest- room design and cleanliness, and cus- tomer perception of the business. The better the restroom condition, the higher the customer regards the business overall." Upscale, spa-like, sophisticated styling helps perpetuate an impression of professionalism to users, whether at home or work. Bradley's Advocate AV-Series Lavatory is a completely touchless and water-saving hand washing system, one of the first to provide a sink, soap, faucet and dual-sided dryer all in one unit. "Based on its innovative design, the hand-washing process takes place in one space so the user doesn't have to move. This mini- mizes water dripping on the floors and walls, increasing restroom safety and maximizing restroom maintenance," notes Alderson. The system helps reduce water usage too, thanks to an ultra low-flow hygienic hands-free infrared 0.38 gpm faucet that reduces water usage by 24 per cent over 0.5 gpm faucets. The Advocate is made from Bradley's Terreon Recycled Solid Surface Material, which is comprised of 25 per cent pre-consumer recycled content and a bio-based resin. It's reflective of the trend in many commercial washroom products to embrace eco- friendly products and applications. "More and more, commercial restroom fixtures are being made with sustainable materials," says Alderson. "Not only is this good for the environment, but we've seen that sustain- able materials are actually more durable and efficient in the long run." A Kohler Gabrielle toilet with Nightlight toilet seat technology; Loft Freestanding Tub from American Standard; Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System from Bradley Corporation; Cimarron touchless toilet from Kohler. Temp20 Handshower from Delta Faucet.

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