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Fall 2014

Mortgage Broker is the magazine of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association and showcases the multi-billion dollar mortgage-broking industry to all levels of government, associated organizations and other interested individuals.

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2014 board of directors 12 | Fall 2014 MortgageBroker Loren Hawkins, Secretary Bruce Kahkesh Kevyn Oyhenart Deenu Patel Jason Suttie, Vice President Ajay Soni, President Troy Resvick, Treasurer Deb White STAFF Samantha Gale, CEO Debra Hiller, Accounting/Member Services Ray Basi, Director of Policy and Education Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia Suite 101 – 1765 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 5C T: 604.408.9989 Toll free: 877.371.2916 F: 604.608.0977 Toll free: 866.557.0977 Tiffany Pedersen Kelly Curtis Chana Charach

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