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Summer 2014

Mortgage Broker is the magazine of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association and showcases the multi-billion dollar mortgage-broking industry to all levels of government, associated organizations and other interested individuals.

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44 | summer 2014 MORTGAGEBROKER NOBODY COMES TO WORK in the morning hoping to be sued by a former client or someone involved in a mortgage broker's past transaction. However, it happens. A plaintiff or claimant initiates a lawsuit in British Columbia by filing a notice of claim in provincial court (also known as small claims court) or a notice of civil claim in the British Columbia Supreme Court. e legal process is very different in provincial court and Supreme Court. Small claims court litigation Lawsuits in small claims court are restricted to claims for $25,000 or less. A person may abandon the portion of the claim over $25,000 to stay within the limit of small claims court. The notice of claim A notice of claim must be served on an individual by personal service or by mailing Understanding the basic legal process of small claims and Supreme Court lawsuits You've Been Sued! BY NIGEL TREVETHAN AND STEVEN ABRAMSON

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