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MThree by Cressey will be Coquitlam's tallest tower; rising 48-levels high. Eucon Vandex AM-10 was used to waterproof the edifi ce. Photos courtesy Euclid Admixture. A Raincoat For Your building Technological advances and o erings in waterproofi ng materials by Stefan Dubowski Raising Standards Meanwhile, waterproo�ing-products manufacturer Maxxon Corporation is taking advantage of a new industry standard to promote its offerings. Pat Giles, the company's VP of technical and R&D, explains that standards-orga- nization ASTM International recently announced F3010-13; a standard for t wo-component, resin-based, mem- brane-forming waterproo�ing systems for use under resilient � loor coverings. In the standard, the ASTM notes that all resilient �looring and adhesives have a maximum acceptable level of moisture. Too much moisture and the products may warp or fail to stick. If testing shows that the moisture level of the concrete substrate is too high for a particular � looring or adhesive, you can apply a topical treatment to seal the slab against moisture. F3010-13 speci�ies performance requirements for treatments designed for this pur- pose. The standard says the products must have a vapour-permeance level (the degree to which a material per- mits vapour � low) no higher than 0.1 grains/h/ft2/in, which, according to Giles, means that many products on the market don't meet the new standard. Giles reports that his company's C anadian insurance compa- nies have water on their collective minds these days. In a press release in February, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries called for a better way to estimate the risks of water damage to properties. The organization pointed out that changing weather patterns, aging municipal infrastructure and other factors indicate that the old way of assessing water damage risk, such as using historical claims patterns, simply doesn't cut it anymore. It isn't hard to imagine that once the institute completes its assessment, insurance companies will seize the chance to increase premiums. But on the plus side, insurers may also offer discount s for proper ties that have enhanced water protection. Increasing Options Builders and desig n professionals looking for high-performance water- proo� ing solut ions have t wo new options now that Durabond Products Ltd. is in the game. The Toronto-based company, spe- cializing in exterior insulation �inish- ing systems and concrete restoration, recently unveiled Durex Uretel MC/ MC A: a VOC-complaint , moist ure- curing, polyurethane traf�ic-bearing waterproof system for horizont al surfaces such as concrete walkways, balconies and parking garages. The system consists of Uretel MCA, an abrasion-resist ant topcoat over Uretel MC, an elastomeric membrane base coat. MC and MCA are one-compo- nent, easy-to-apply products. Accord- ing to Durabond manager Anthony Rapone, single-component systems simplif y work on the job site. "The people who use this product don't want to have to worry about mixing compo- nents together," he says. Durabond's second new offering is Durex Ura� lex 360/361, a zero- VOC, solvent-free elastomeric polyurethane waterproo�ing membrane for applica- tions over wood, metal and concrete surfaces. Both 360 and 361 are fast curing two-component products, and may be applied over green concrete. With a zero- VOC rating and almost no odour, 360/361 may prove popular. "Don't get me wrong, the moisture- curing product s have been around for decades and they perform well," says Rapone. "But in this new age of VOC concerns and the drive for envi- ronment ally-friendly solutions, the technolog y behind t wo-component, chemical-curing products is poised to be the best option for the future." Rapone sees 360/361 pulling ahead of the moisture-curing products over time. Another attractive feature is Dura- bond's ability to customize the colour of coatings, providing more choice. "In the past, everything was grey or beige," Rapone says. "Now, you can really start to explore the colour spectrum." JUNE 2014 /49 Waterproofi ng p.48-51Waterproofing.indd 49 14-06-03 9:51 AM

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