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I just read the article about the generosity of Langley's Blaauw family donating money to save McLellan Park ["Saved From the Axe," Winter 2013]. I do not live in Langley and have never been to the park, but it will definitely be on my list of places to visit. At this time of year when so much is placed on want and excess, I thank this family for showing us what is truly important. Thank you for writing this story and inspiring me, and thanks to Barb Shelly for that amazing picture. Michele Delville, Coquitlam T h a n k y o u f o r y o u r wonderful article about such a fantastic gift from the Blaauw family to so many of us who love walks in forests. That this beautiful piece of land will not be gobbled up for another skating rink or rec centre has made my heart sing and tears flow from my eyes in happy torrents. Thanks for showing humankind is generous beyond measure. Maeghan Henke Camp Hope Regarding the article in the Winter 2013 issue, "The Camp Crew," since 1979 I have been attend ing Camp Squamish over the Easter weekend with folks recovering from stroke. The BC Lions Easter Seals camp has welcomed us first through the Stroke Recovery Association of BC and in recent years through Building Life After Stroke Together ( BLAST). It was uplifting to hear of BCAA and BELFOR Canada's day of volunteering and donating resources to help restore, improve and spruce up this aging but vital camp. I'll be back at Camp Squamish in April 2014 with an amazing group of adults who are making the most of life after stroke. Thank you for working to improve the lives of others. Margaret Hansen, Stroke Recovery Association of B.C., Coquitlam Jumbo Concerns I read with interest your profile on Oberto Oberti in the Winter 2013 issue. Living in the Kootenays, I am familiar with Mr. Oberti's tenacity for developing the Jumbo Pass area into a ski resort. I was among many Kootenay residents dismayed to learn that, after 20-plus years of consistent public opposition and studies showing wildlife impacts, the B.C. government would allow Mr. Oberti to "win approval for his dream ski-resort project." The problem is that his d r e a m c o m e s a t t h e expense of others. Mr. Oberti describes Jumbo as his "cathedral." It is mine, too. In fact, the Jumbo area is a sacred place for many people, including the Ktunaxa Nation, who call the area Qat'muk, "Home of the Grizzly Bear Spirit." The region is home to an important grizzly population. The Ktunaxa say that the Jumbo Resort will sever the sacred connection between their people and Qat'muk. Even as a tourism destination, Oberti's vision is flawed. Why would we look to Europe to develop iconic ski resorts? We have our own – Banff, Lake Louise and legendary Kootenay champagne powder at ski hills connected to cool hip mountain towns. And we have wilderness. B.C.'s comparative advantage over the long term will be its iconic wild places, if they can stay that way. My heart goes out to Mr. Oberti, who is clearly passionate about his dream. Sadly, he is looking in a rear-view mirror. It is not the time or the place for the Jumbo Resort development. The Jumbo Glacier deserves to be conserved as a cathedral accessible to all. Ruth Beck, Nelson To comment: Email us at westworld@bcaa.com or kmah@canadawide.com. Or write us at Westworld Letters, BCAA, 4567 Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4T1 ( fax: 604-268-5565). Letters may be edited for length and clarity. EvEn bEforE thE year was out, B.C. had al ready received some four million overnight visitors in 2013 from the U.S. and abroad. While many of us dream of basking in the Caribbean sun or touring Europe's grand museums on our next vacation, it seems travel- lers the world over are dreaming of holidaying in B.C. W h e n y o u t h i n k a b o u t i t , i t shouldn't come as a surprise. If you've lived all or much of your life in British Columbia, it's easy to take for granted our breathtaking panorama of forest, mountain and ocean, or the rich blend of cultural experiences to be found in our bustling towns and glit- tering cities. In this issue, we celebrate our home province by exploring some of the best places in B.C. for a springtime staycation. With the recent renewed interest in all things local – to eat local, shop local and thus support our local community – there's no better time to get out and explore our own backyard. (Of course, it also doesn't hurt that you'll save a bundle on airfare and hotels.) Even if you think you've seen it all, there's always more to discover in this vast province of ours. For those plan- ning to stick close to home this spring break, we bring you "Vancouver's Hidden Gems" (page 27), our savvy guide to little-known attractions and activities across the Lower Mainland. "Weekender" (page 12) highlights the quiet idyllic beauty of Saturna Island, our Gulf Islands' best-kept secret. And our "Fresh Trax" department (page 14) serves up a wealth of made-in-B.C. adventures, including going off the grid in Ucluelet, exploring the epic Sun shine Coast hiking trail and dig- ging into the bounty at an organic Okana gan farm. We hope you enjoy this issue of Westworld, and as always, look forward to your feedback. Kim Mah, Editor editor's note mailbag Lasting Legacy 10 W e s t W o r l d >> s p r i n g 2 0 1 4 p10-11_EdsNt_Mlbg.indd 10 14-01-29 11:47 AM

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