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Spring 2014

Youthink PS is Western Canada¹s post secondary resource guide for high school students planning on attending university, college or other Canadian post secondary institutions and is distributed to 400 high schools across BC and Alberta.

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Study Smart Develop study habits that suit your personality type By Aurora Chiu U niversity, like high school, comes with an abundance of tests and quizzes, which everybody dreads. But instead of focusing on the negatives, try seeing them in a positive light. Think of how they prepare you for the future, making you a more knowledgeable person who can thrive in your profession of choice. Nonetheless, there are always going to be challenges. Preparing for tests is a breeze for some, while others find it to be a monumental chore. That's because the best approach to cramming varies from person to person. Here are some tips on how to study, depending on your personality: Introvert If you're a shy person who prefers snuggling up in bed watching movies on a Saturday evening rather than having a wild night out, you're most likely an introvert. But just because you don't go out, doesn't mean holing up in your room all space clean and your notes organized. Cluttered desks lead to cluttered minds! night studying is a sure-fire recipe for acing all your tests. Most introverts prefer to study by themselves as it helps them focus. So find yourself a room where there will be no interruptions — that includes music, which can be a major distraction (especially if you're prone to singing along). If reading textbooks is equivalent to words flying over your head, then perhaps listening to or watching instructional videos is a better option. Regardless, remember to always keep your work- Extrovert Being outgoing and expressive is a good thing, so learn how to channel your social skills into effective studying habits. Reviewing coursework alone may not be the right thing for you, so try studying with a group of friends (but be sure to pick people who won't coax you away from your books!) If you prefer to work alone, have your phone and laptop away from you. While that may seem like an impossible task, you can ease into it by allowing yourself to check your phone every twenty minutes or so. Make yourself focus for a set period of time before permitting yourself to take a five-minute break as a reward. Be sure to read over your notes carefully; don't skim, as you may miss the most important points. And as with introverts, music is off limits. Eliminating distractions is a crucial part of successful studying. Bo A co Co tim pr ne se w gi an an an pr pl yo AutoApprentice_Fall13.indd is m yo Co ea is Va 10 > Youthink PS > Spring 2014 p10-11_YPS_Spring14 copy.indd 10 14-01-03 2:05 PM you

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