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Spring 2014

Youthink PS is Western Canada¹s post secondary resource guide for high school students planning on attending university, college or other Canadian post secondary institutions and is distributed to 400 high schools across BC and Alberta.

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Boosting Your Resumé La Re sh Co D pr Va La w fo The keys to crafting an impressive application By Aurora Chiu W hen the time comes to fill out your applications for post-secondary education or a job, you don't want to find yourself with a blank page. After all, it's tough to sugar coat your experience and accomplishments if you don't have any. Taking the time to ensure that your CV is impressive is an investment in future success. Here are two ways to ensure that your application package isn't passed over: Volunteering Think of what comes to mind when you hear the word "volunteer." If you're a high-school student, you're probably thinking about helping out within your school. Although that kind of volunteer work is great, it's not impressive. The main goal is to impress an employer or post-secondary administrator. With that in mind, you want to stress how connected you are with your community, not just within your high school. Still, the best way to find volunteer opportunities is by asking your school. The career centre should have numerous placements, depending on your interests. Think about which subject you hope to study or which job field you are interested in pursuing, and try to find volunteer opportunities that will help you build the relevant skills. Keep in mind that communication skills are one of the necessities for any field, as well as for life in general. Internships Volunteering is good, but if you want to be truly impressive, find yourself an internship. Ask your school's career centre if there are any internship opportunities, or search online for a company you'd like to intern with and contact them. Internships often provide experience like volunteering would, but they can also help you decide if it is the career you want by providing more of a hands-on experience that allows you to work almost as if you are an employee. Occasionally, an internship turns into a job, depending on the employer and the type of work performed. Not only does interning serve as an insight into a career path, it is also something that will stand out on any job or post-secondary application. An internship will help the employer, or whoever is looking at your application, conclude that you are experienced and skilled enough to function in a work environment, making you desirable as both a student and an employee. Remember, experience, in all forms, is a big key to success! A Fa D G pr th ne Ca as tr an O • • • ac Ok A in an W of at its co Maxxum (LaSalle)_Spg14. of pr Cu w A Sc a Se th in ch yo fiv w liv 12 > Youthink pS > Spring 2014 p12-16_YPS_Spring14.indd 12 Youthink.CA 14-01-03 2:01 PM You

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