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The First Word . . . Fall Volu Using our heads and hearts to build community Kevin McCort Gord MacDougall President and CEO Chair, Board of Directors Vancouver Foundation Vancouver Foundation page 2 I Vancouver Foundation l Fall 2013 p02-03 Frstwrd_TOC_Masthd.indd 2 We're proud to celebrate Vancouver Foundation's 70th year, and even more so the individuals whose leadership, dedication and generosity have brought us to this milestone anniversary – from the generous gifts of Alice MacKay and our founders, to the current generation of donors who continue this legacy by investing in their community through Vancouver Foundation. One of our 11 founders was F.R. Graham. We feel privileged to present in this issue a feature story on his daughter Sheila Ross, who proudly carries on the family tradition of donating to charity, and keeps the Graham legacy alive through Vancouver Foundation (see page 18). We also feature Jack Gin (on page 16), whose history with the Foundation is more recent, but whose contribution has already made a lasting impact on his and many other communities. Our longevity is a testament to the foresight and generosity of all our donors. It's also the product of the hard work and dedication of Foundation staff who continually build upon our reputation for excellence. We must acknowledge the contribution of Faye Wightman, who, over the last eight years, has steered our organization through the challenges of economic instability, unprecedented growth in public awareness, and a strategic expansion. The contributions of many community champions over the years have set the stage for the Foundation to embrace a new era of philanthropy – an era marked by rapidly changing technology, innovation, creativity, accountability and transparency. Despite society's progress, many of the social challenges that people faced in 1943 – poverty, homelessness and isolation – still exist today. Demand for funding and support continues to outweigh what is needed to keep pace with growing social needs. Modern philanthropy is not just about caring from the heart. There must be a strong link between head and heart, combining a genuine desire to address social issues that matter, with smart, strategic granting decisions and investments that will make a measurable difference. Our approach to philanthropy embraces both heart and head. The announcement of our Smart & Caring Community Fund in June gave new impetus to our priority areas – preventing youth homelessness, and strengthening communities by engaging residents in their neighbourhoods. Through our Youth Homelessness Initiative we are investing in the future with programs that focus on prevention; programs that go beyond dealing with the symptoms and address root causes. For example, in "Fostering Change" (page 9), an innovative program at Aunt Leah's Place in New Westminster is helping young people like Robert Davidson, who are transitioning out of government care, to develop life skills that will help keep them off the streets and ensure they have a running start at life. As part of our commitment to connect residents and build bridges between cultures, we expanded our Neighbourhood Small Grants program this year. On page 20, you can read about the selfless efforts of two Surrey residents who used their small grant to help vulnerable women in their community express themselves through creative arts. As 2013 draws to a close, we are approaching a new chapter at Vancouver Foundation. We will continue to be challenged by the growing demand for community support, tested by the competing needs within our community, and defined by the actions we take on the pressing issues of the day. Together with our community partners, and the support of donors like you, we will continue to use both head and heart to create smart, caring communities throughout BC not only for today, but also for a better tomorrow. VANC Kevin diane Willia Craig Mart VANC Gord The H Baum Kevin Tom Tung Anna Ida G Paul PUBL edit Man assO CO-O art d COnt Jean COnt Vince Paul erin U PrOd iMag edito vanco Edito VF m (suite Charit CHai Pres ViCe Vanco Limit and u 200 – Publi adve the c produ Vanco postissue 1 3 9 2 838. Enviro Netwo Photo: Jaime Kowal 13-10-11 1:26 PM FSC® is

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