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A fter being invited by mutual friends to Reyfemel Damasco's a nnua l n ightc lub bir t hday blowout three years running, Jayna Marie Bussiere f inally agreed to go. "We met and we danced at the end of the night," says Jayna of their first meeting, "and Rey told me he was going to marry me." Things got serious quickly and four months later, the fun-loving couple flipped a coin over lunch at Whole Foods — "Heads, we'll get married; tails, we'll both go home in separate vehicles and never see each other again," says Jayna. Guess what? The coin toss turned up heads. "We called my mom and told her we were going to get married and she said, 'Are you flying to Las Vegas?' " recalls Jayna. "And that was how the Las Vegas idea started for our wedding." Regard for Rey's traditional Catholic Filipino family swung the pendulum toward a wedding close to home, "so we did the Las Vegas theme in Vancouver," explains Jayna, a well-known professional hair and makeup artist in the local wedding industry. Rey still wanted to surprise Jayna with a proper proposal and he found the right moment when Jayna received an award for best hair and makeup at an industry awards night, commissioning custom jeweller Hard As Diamond to make the engagement ring — with only a week's notice. "When I went up to get the award," says Jayna, "they said, 'There's someone who would like to help us give this award out.' I looked to my right and Rey was down on one knee and everyone was just screaming. It was CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: For her bridesmaids, Jayna chose a daring leopard print; on her own wedding day, the bride opted to do her own expert hair and makeup; exchanging heartfelt vows; the glammed-up Metro Hall; the wedding stationery set the tone for a rocking party; eye-catching accessories by Elsa Corsi and sexy heels added dazzle to the bride's simple white gown. 44 An rec real weddings fall/winter 2013 p42-47_Jayna & Rey.indd 44 13-09-23 12:20 PM

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