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R EN D ER I N GS CO U RT E S Y V I VO FO R H E A LT H I ER G EN ER AT I O N S 80 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 Vivo for Healthier Generations Expansion enhance the interior ambiance, lend- ing an inviting touch to the entrance, stairs, and main walkways. "There are also three new skylights in the pool space and one in the play- park that bring natural light inside the building. A stretched fabric ceiling product from Barrisol was installed above the pool that is very neat and has acoustic and visual benefits, while also reflecting the light back down inside," says Kennedy. For Kennedy, the project holds a deeply personal connection. "Being a resident of this neighbourhood, I've witnessed firsthand the positive impact Vivo has had on the people and the community. It's truly inspiring to see how this facility, with its cool and innovative features, is shaping up. Working on this project fills me with immense pride," says Kennedy. Vivo for Healthier Generations stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, shaping a facility that goes beyond a traditional sports and recreation space. This visionary expansion marks the dawn of a new era for north-central Calgary, where healthier generations will flourish, supported by a vibrant, connected, and nurturing community hub. "We think that complete com- munities are important and we are championing that beauty can exist in a suburban environment just as naturally as it can in a downtown environment. This project illus- trates what is possible when you unleash the wisdom and generos- ity of community. We can't wait to welcome back the community that made it all possible and see how they shape these spaces and bring them to life," concludes Watson. A LOCATION 11950 Country Village Link NE, Calgary, Alberta OWNER /DEVELOPER Vivo for Healthier Generations PROJECT MANAGER WSP ARCHITECT/STRUCTUR AL /MECHANICAL / ELECTRICAL /L ANDSCAPE/INTERIOR DESIGN/SUSTAINABILIT Y CONSULTANT DIALOG GENER AL CONTR ACTOR EllisDon Construction Services POOL MECHANICAL CONSULTANT AME Group TOTAL SIZE 135,000 square feet (new and renovated space) TOTAL COST $62 million WE OFFER A COMPLETE ARRAY OF MECHANICAL SERVICES INCLUDING DESIGN BUILD, INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY, CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, AND PLAN/SPECIFICATION FOR THE COMMERCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, INSTITUTIONAL, RECREATIONAL, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL, AND MULTI FAMILY RESIDENTIAL SECTORS Proud to work with Clark Builders, AME, & GEC on another sucessful project - University Commons - University of Alberta Priority Mechanical.indd 1 Priority Mechanical.indd 1 2023-08-21 8:03 AM 2023-08-21 8:03 AM

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