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S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 | 73 The Halo R EN D ER I N G CO U RT E S Y A F F I N I T Y A RC H I T EC T U R E I N C .; P H OTO G R A P H Y BY L I A N A B ROW N /CO U RT E S Y P R I VAT E P EN S I O N S PA RT N ER S R E A L E S TAT E L P THE HALO by NATALIE BRUCKNER A visionary project has emerged in the neighbourhoods of Richmond West and Fort Richmond in Winnipeg that is reshap- ing the urban landscape and setting a new standard for rental living. Aptly named The Halo, this architectural marvel is the brainchild of Private Pensions Partners Real Estate LP (P3), a company committed to providing premium rental properties that rede- fine comfort and luxury. At the heart of this transforma- tive venture stands Karl Loepp, the chief operating officer of P3, whose company's passion for excellence and commitment to meeting housing demands have been the driving force behind The Halo's conception. Loepp recalls the genesis of The Halo, say- ing, "We looked at this piece of land in South Winnipeg and thought it's an ideal location for multi-family, pur- pose-built rental apartments. There's no secret that there's a huge demand for rental units across Canada, and our company specifically focuses on apartment rentals." Designed in collaboration with Affinity Architecture Inc., The Halo exudes an aura of tranquility, beauty, and opulence. Boasting an array of one, two, and three-bedroom "built-for-rent" apartments and penthouses, this development epit- omizes the pinnacle of effortless rental living. The primary design inspiration and philosophy behind The Halo project, according to Joel Tranq at Affinity Architecture Inc., "revolved around the concept of pre- fabrication. We sought to exploit the economies of mass fabrication and standardization for cost con- trol and schedule efficiency." Rising tall into the sky, the two res- idential towers – 16 and 15 storeys for the north and south towers respec- tively – comprise 406 well-appointed units, with an additional 8,400 square feet of commercial space below. The Halo aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community, offering a diverse range of accommodations, from affordable living to lavish com- fort. The first tower, inaugurated in March 2023, has already achieved a 90 percent occupancy rate, a testament to the project's immediate success. With the second tower scheduled for completion in March 2024, The Halo continues to garner immense interest from prospective renters. Loepp takes pride in the excep- tional features that set The Halo apart from the ordinary. "Our look is sexy. All our products have that, whether that's design or the colour of innova- tion. We try to go above and beyond," he shares. The Halo offers a host of amenities that cater to the residents' needs and desires, including car wash facilities, a state-of-the-art fitness cen- tre, and serene garden and leisure areas. However, it's the awe-inspiring two-storey penthouse units that steal the spotlight, boasting floor-to-ceiling glass and glass railing walkways. The concept of prefabrication was indeed at the core of the design. Archie Milcharek, project manager at M Builds, explains: "The enve- lope is a prefabricated steel stud, EFIS panelized system which is not uncommon, however, we installed

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