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6 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 Quasar Consulting Group Sustainability, innovation, and empowerment: inside the world of Quasar by NATALIE BRUCKNER | photography & renderings provided by QUASAR CONSULTING GROUP I n the ever-evolving world of engineering consultancy, Quasar Consulting Group (Quasar) shines as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Since its inception in 2018, this visionary firm has had a passion for revolutionizing the construction industry, captivating the hearts of professionals across Canada. With a passion for people, a drive for pushing boundaries, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, Quasar is help- ing transform the landscape of engineering consultancy. Quasar's journey started less than a decade ago, as Kenan Huskovic, Quasar's CEO explains: "On March 12, 2018, through an acquisition from Racon – a mechanical and electrical engineering firm founded in 1993 – Quasar Consulting Group [Quasar] opened its doors. The vision at the time was very simple and stands firm today: to introduce a new type of consulting engineering company to the market that is led by a collection of experienced, recognized industry professionals who share one common vision. We provide uncompro- mising quality; unmatched service to our employees, clients, and industry partners; and accountability to both staff and clients, all built on a foundation of strong external and internal relationships. This is reflected in our name, which is an acronym for quality, service, accountability, and relationships." Over the next couple of years, the company grew relatively quickly and moved into the Woodbridge office in the Summer of 2019. "We grew from 15 people in March 2018 to approximately 60 in early 2020. We opened an office in Ottawa in the fall of 2019, which is now 15 people strong and growing," says Huskovic. Quasar's ascent continued with the acquisitions of Pratus Group in 2021 and Induspec in 2023. Huskovic explains: "Pratus Group – Quasar's dedicated team of sustainability, building performance, ESG, and commissioning profession- als – has driven our designs toward a more sustainable future." In 2021, Quasar opened its Vancouver office, in 2022 they established their presence in Calgary, and in 2023 they established strong local presence in Northern Ontario through an acquisition of Induspec. Shortly thereafter they opened the North Bay office and also established presence in Montreal. As the industry continues to undergo rapid transformation, Quasar remains at the forefront, embracing change as an opportunity for growth. The company takes pride in introducing ground-breaking products like the Citizen Care Pod, a COVID-19 smart screening and testing initiative. Huskovic states, "This inno- vative solution revolutionizes screening and testing, prioritizing public health and safety." The Intelligent Structural Panel (ISP) is another marvel, streamlin- ing construction while enhancing building performance and sustainability. Quasar has its finger on the pulse of the industry, anticipating and embrac- ing the changes that lie ahead. "We see the desire for new products and systems rising to meet the needs of our clients and communities – including prefabri- cated, modular, and volumetric construction and highly smart buildings. We also know that Canada has aggressive net zero targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the building industry holds in their hands a great amount of opportunity to make change," says Huskovic. While Quasar has been involved in numerous standout projects, Lakeridge Gardens accelerated long-term care, which was awarded Best Project, Health Care in the ENR 2022 Global Best Projects Awards, is one that demonstrates Quasar's ability to adapt and pivot. "What is unique about this project is the accelerated schedule for completion of 18 months from the start of design procurement to construction completion. The aggressive schedule was enabled by the extensive use of modular components prefabricated off-site and delivered for final assembly," Huskovic explains. Other projects that showcase the company's versatility include Toronto General Hospital's ground-breaking Organ Regeneration Laboratory, the Toronto Zoo Conservation Campus, the Ministry of Education's new Rapid Build Pilot Program, and Toronto Police Service's Division 41 – the service's first facility designed in compliance with the Zero Carbon Building standard, with solar panels and a large green roof. A visit to any of Quasar's offices offers a glimpse into their vibrant and collab- orative culture. While each office has its unique characteristics, they all share the "Quasar vibe" of openness, camaraderie, and social interaction. "We use our offices to enhance our collaboration, training, and to build relationships both internally and externally – it's important that we feel comfortable with each other, similar to a work family. Everyone is welcome at any office, no matter the location," says Huskovic. When it comes to the future of engineering consultancy and the industry as a whole, the team at Quasar is most excited about the industry's evolving mindset. "We are excited to see our clients and partners think outside the box when it comes to tackling change in our industry, climate or otherwise, through new processes and technology," explains Huskovic. The team is proud to be part of this movement, working hand-in-hand with visionary teams and industry partners who are committed to driving positive change. By collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations, Quasar believes they can create a better quality of life for communities and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future. "We are seeing a shift away from 'capital-only' thinking. By working with teams and industry partners who are trying to move the needle by embracing change, we are providing solutions that are holistically more beneficial for the client, their users, and the communities they support. A key example of this is the small, but impactful inclusion of touch-free technology in the residential sector. While it has an impact on design and construction cost, these features have shown to result in a building with increased wellness scores, greater user comfort, and a higher client end-value," says Huskovic. Quasar Consulting Group has emerged as a trailblazer in the engineering consultancy field, redefining the boundaries of what is possible. "We are people-first and know that we can continue to drive change in our sphere of influence that creates a better quality of life for our communities," concludes Huskovic. A e Future Of Engineering

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