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The Courtenay, West Vancouver, B.C. Pacific Point II, Vancouver, B.C. S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 | 11 Curtain Wall & Window Wall P H OTO G R A P H Y CO U RT E S Y C A S C A D I A W I N D OWS & D O O R S Remarkable advances reshape Canada's curtain wall and window wall landscape by NATALIE BRUCKNER A s Canada's curtain wall and window wall industry evolves to meet the changing needs of the built environment, remarkable advancements and transfor- mative shifts are reshaping the landscape. Fuelled by emerg- ing technologies, sustainability objectives, and a quest for enhanced performance, this indus- try is paving the way for innovative solutions. We delve into the cutting-edge developments and gain valuable insights from industry experts, shed- ding light on the exciting transformations taking place in Canada's curtain wall and window wall sector. EMERGING TRENDS Michael Bousfield, technical director at Cascadia Windows & Doors, has observed a fascinating trend of late: an increasing demand from designers for incorporating opaque elements into window fram- ing systems instead of the actual building. This shift allows designers to strategically incorporate decorative opaque cladding components without disrupting the overall fenestration system covering the entire building. In the past, building designs have tolerated structural projections that cause thermal bridging. For instance, horizontal concrete eyebrows at mul- tiple floor levels, which were once common, are now considered insulative nightmares. To create depth in the outer skin of buildings without protruding structures, Bousfield says designers seek to integrate depth into exterior elements. In response to this, Cascadia is actively exploring innovative approaches to design cladding attachment components that can be held by window frames, going beyond the conventional practice of holding glass or metal within the frame. While there isn't currently an off-the-shelf system available, Cascadia can design a bespoke system tailored to each proj- ect's requirements. However, Bousfield envisions the possibility of a standardized kit of parts becoming available from the factory in the very near future. In other news, Cascadia has been actively involved in several noteworthy projects of late. One of these projects is The Courtenay, located in the British Properties at the base of Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. This particular development showcases a groundbreaking achievement: the world's first fibreglass window wall. Another remarkable project Cascadia has been part of is Pacific Point II, situated on Homer Street in Vancouver. This undertaking is a unique rehabilita- tion project, setting new standards in terms of scale and approach. "For Pacific Point we were tasked with A Clear View To Tomorrow

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