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C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E B E L G A R D O utdoor living has come a long way in the past several years. With homeowners prioritizing spending time outdoors, there is a keener focus on the design of outdoor spaces. It's not just a few simple lawn chairs and a fire pit anymore. Homeowners today are looking for multipurpose outdoor living spaces that are fully functional for everyday life and designed to perfectly suit their unique style and tastes. Belgard has been at the forefront of product development, creating new styles, colorways, and textures in their indus- try-leading hardscape products. "We've seen homeowners become much more design-conscious over the past three years when it comes to both the interior and exterior of their homes," says Joe Raboine, director of residential hardscapes at Belgard. "They are looking for ways to differentiate their spaces and make them truly their own. It's not about 'keeping up with the Joneses' anymore, so to speak. They are really trying to keep up with themselves and have a home that reflects their personality, style and needs." Designing Outdoors with Color and Texture Visual interest is a key component in creating truly unique outdoor designs. Rather than designing a more monotone space with one material, home- owners are working with contractors and designers to incorporate more mixed material designs. Combining hardscapes with wood, composite decking, textured pavers, and even metal and glass elevates the look of a space and perfectly complements modern design trends. This adds depth to spaces that would otherwise feel flat and linear and allows the incorporation of more personality. Belgard has introduced new paver colors, textures and shapes that are designed to pair effortlessly together for more experimentation and the creation of intricate patterns and designs. Because of their modular design in 3-inch increments, they can be mixed and matched, allowing for endless creative freedom, one-of-a-kind designs, faster installation, and less waste. One of Belgard's most visually interesting textured pavers is the Basalt style paver. Basalt was created to mimic the texture of natural volcanic rock, which provides an organic look and feel to any space. "Basalt is a product we are extremely proud of," says Raboine. "Biophilic design, or design that intertwines man-made and natural materials, has been incredibly popular for the past few years. The texture of those natural volcanic rocks you see is so beautiful, we knew it could be used to great effect in outdoor designs." With two color options available – charcoal and light gray – Basalt comple- ments any design style. "It's really stylish when used with more modern architectural styles that emphasize sleekness and smoothness," adds Raboine. "But it also works incredibly well with more traditional or rustic designs. The lighter and darker color options let you really play with light and shadow and depth." The formatting of the pavers allows you to use one or both colorways throughout a design. In addition to Basalt, Belgard is introducing more tex- tured pavers this year as part of its Textiles Collection. Industry-Leading Systems for Beauty, Efficiency With intricate designs and textures becoming more popular, how does that affect the design and installation process? For Belgard, they are making it seamless. "Our goal is always to create products that make design and installation more efficient instead of more complicated," says Raboine. "This really benefits both the contractors who work with our products and their clients, the homeowners. If contractors can get the job done faster, then the home- owner can enjoy their outdoor space sooner." One of the most efficient – and stylish – products Belgard introduced is Artforms. This modular concrete panel system is the first of its kind in the industry. Unique and durable, it combines function and flair to create any- thing from planters to barbecues to benches. Artforms is composed of large-format, high-strength concrete panels that can be configured and affixed with simple stainless-steel hard- ware. Because of its modularity, it allows for multiple, personalized configurations. "Artforms is such a unique system, and we've seen it used in a variety of applications," says Raboine. "We created this product with functionality at the heart of it, but also ensuring it offered a beautiful aesthetic. The clean, smooth look of concrete is enormously popular." This innovative system can truly take any form. Panels can be cut to the desired size and still fit together perfectly because of the modular format. It also allows for easy integration of outdoor lighting thanks to the hollow interior and dove- tail inside the cap. Cutting Edge Solutions from Belgard Though trends come and go, Belgard products are designed to be cutting edge and stand the test of time. Products like Basalt and Artforms lend themselves to current trends but hold a timeless quality that will fit with any design or style. CREATING MODERN OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES WITH CUTTING- EDGE PRODUCTS Incorporating the latest innovations in outdoor design

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