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Fall 2012

Youthink PS is Western Canada¹s post secondary resource guide for high school students planning on attending university, college or other Canadian post secondary institutions and is distributed to 400 high schools across BC and Alberta.

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QUIZ: Are You Ready To Be a PostSecondary Student? By Si Jia Wen – Moscrop Secondary, Burnaby BC 1 You don't understand an equation in your math homework. You: a) Don't do it and ask your teacher for help the following day. b) Ask your family and friends for help and go online to search for math tutorials, while making a mental note to get your teacher's help the next day. c) Didn't even know there was homework. 2 You're about to study for a huge history test when your friend invites you to a movie. You respond: a) "Sure! I'll just cram for the test after the film." b) "Sorry, I need to study for my test tomorrow. Maybe another time?" c) "Great! I'll just look over the notes on the bus in the morning." 3 You have some extra cash. You: a) Spend all your money. It's your money and you deserve to use it however you want. b) Spend only what you need to spend, and save the p19-24_YPS-Sept12.indd 19 rest. You know how to handle your expenses. c) Spend all your money… as well as all the money your parents gave you for emergencies only. c) Your high score of 11 million points in Temple Run. YOUR RESULTS: 4 Your room is: a) Neat and tidy, since your parents always clean and vacuum it. b) Neat and tidy, since you clean it often and are good at housekeeping. c) Messy. Cleaning is the last thing you ever want to be doing. 5 Your friend asks what universities or colleges you're planning on applying to. You reply: a) "Wherever my parents want me to go." b) With a typed list of colleges and universities. c) "Oh, I don't know yet." 6 Your Facebook status is currently: a) "OMG! When is the Socials test?!" b) An intellectual status about politics, social justice or the meaning of life. Mostly A's Almost ready. You take your studies pretty seriously and you're reliable. Work a little harder on your organizational skills and building up your independence and you'll get there! Mostly B's Ready and prepared. You're organized, intelligent and independent. You always balance extracurriculars with schoolwork, you can budget your money and you're capable of cleaning up after yourself. Great stuff! Mostly C's Not quite there. Try setting goals for yourself, such as making a study schedule or receiving a grade of at least 80 per cent on every test, to help get you on the right path. 12-08-24 2:36 PM

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