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Experience the Carlisle Difference | 800-479-6832 | Carlisle, FleeceBACK, and RL are trademarks of Carlisle. © 2021 Carlisle. Hey Joe! Check out this FleeceBACK RapidLock EPDM job I just fi nished! RapidLock? Is that Carlisleʼs new system that uses VELCRO Brand Securable Solutions? Joe Yes! The school needed a quick re-roof that could be done in the cold winter temperatures. RapidLock has no temperature restrictions and has been tested to work in weather as cold as -42.78°C! Wow! Thatʼs a game changer when it comes to winter installs. Iʼll have to check it out. We think RapidLock is an obvious choice, but don't take our word for it. Carlisle's FleeceBACK ® RapidLock (RL ® ) Roofi ng System is a revolutionary system using hook-and-loop technology, providing the following benefi ts that make it an ideal solution for re-roofi ng occupied buildings: » Completely adhesiveless system » No odors » No VOCs » No temperature restrictions » Minimal disruptions to building occupants during installation You have to see it to believe it. Contact Carlisle to try RapidLock today!

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