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Summer 2013

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n what's hot GLOW IN THE DARK ON THE BALL CLIMATE CONTROL EVOLVED Like to jog after dark? Give motorists the heads-up by turning yourself into a walking, talking "yield" sign. In addition to reflective strips, the Badger 360 jacket has a row of low-voltage LEDs running down its back, with seven different flash sequences. Its eco-friendly battery pack can be recharged up to 100 times.Be sure to read the instructions for use. $129, While your body is expending energy on the pitch, the Soccket is creating it. Just kick it around for 30 minutes and this one-of-a-kind football will have harnessed enough kinetic juice for three hours of reading by soccerlight (via the detachable LED lamp). More than a mere novelty item, the Soccket promises a brighter tomorrow for the world's electricity-deprived nations. $60, After a few days of learning your preferences, the groundbreaking Nest thermostat literally programs itself, automatically adjusting the temperature based on time of day and whether or not you're home. Teach this sleek little appliance good habits in that first week and your next energy bill could be up to 20 per cent lighter. Bonus: it can also be controlled remotely via smartphone. $249, POWER AND SHADE A POWERFUL BLEND REACHING BOILING POINT The nine-foot Solar Powered Patio & Beach Umbrella not only protects you from the sun but is capable of powering your electronic devices! Four solar panels collect energy that is transferred to two USB ports mounted on the pole. A backup lithium battery can even store energy for overcast hours. From $299.99, The hand-powered Vortex compensates for its lack of electricity with a potent two-speed gear system that'll make quick work of any ingredient you toss into its unbreakable pitcher. Moreover, the included C-clamp will keep it stuck to any tabletop while you crank those powershakes, smoothies and margaritas into existence. $99.95, If you want to go green in the kitchen, bamboo is your best option. It's watertight, biodegradable and highly renewable. The reusable steamer, pictured above, traps steam for efficient cooking, while absorbing condensation. It also has the added advantage of being stackable, meaning you can cook multiple dishes over a single boiling pot. $30, team power smart  summer 2013  15 p14-15 Recipe_WhatsHot Smr2013_rev.indd 15 13-06-07 3:17 PM

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