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Chilko Tagging Leading on New Salmon Knowledge Created by the Foundation, the study partnered with Dr. Scott Hinch, UBC and Kintama Research to track (juvenile) Sockeye salmon. IMPACT: The study was the first-ever to track Sockeye through fresh and saltwater and revealed that juveniles have very high survival rates in the main section of the Fraser river, but are reduced to 10 per cent of original population size by the top of Johnstone Strait. Harbour Seals Mission Fish Wheel From 2007 to 2011, the Foundation partnered with the Pacific Salmon Commission and the Matsqui First Nation to operate fish wheels for salmon capture and biological sampling.  IMPACT: This method of capture poses minimal harm to fish while providing valuable biological information to help manage salmon fishery openings and research. The Foundation partnered with the University of British Columbia to use cutting-edge DNA analysis for information on the little-known proportion and species of salmon in the harbour seal diet. IMPACT: Findings will help scientists determine the degree to which harbour seals are targeting salmon and the impact on local salmon populations. p08-09Salmon Journey infographic.indd 8 13-04-23 3:57 PM

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