December 2019 - January 2020 Best Cities for Work in B.C.

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2017 to produce sustainable, flexible commercial and residential build- ings. The steel modules, which can be standalone, joined or stacked, are completed inside and out in the company's Cowichan Valley factory with only basic utility hook-ups and minimal foundation work needed on- site. 14 feet wide by up to 42 feet long; from $200 per square foot 7. PANEL DISCUSSION In business since 1959, Pacific Homes in Cobble Hill specializes in energy-efficient custom and prefab buildings for ski resort and mountain towns. Packages include all materials inside and out: drywall, flooring, nails, interior doors, siding, roof system and prefab insulated Pacific SmartWall panels in three thicknesses: two-by- six, two-by-eight and two-by-10. Any size from small cottages to multi-family homes, from $65-$85 per square foot 8. EAST MEETS WEST Ajia Custom Prefab Homes started off shipping homes to Japan ("ajia" is Japanese for Asia) in 1995. Six years later, the North Vancouver firm began custom designing prefabricated homes for Western North America. Each kit includes all components and materials above the foundation to finish the exterior. Installation is avail- able in the GVRD, Sea-to-Sky Corridor and Sunshine Coast. From laneway to 5,000-square-foot homes, starting at $70 per square foot 9. HYBRID APPROACH Founded in 1977, Tamlin Interna- tional Homes integrates timber- frame construction and components with conventional frame construction to custom design hybrid timber-frame houses. The Coquitlam firm provides prefabricated components and wall panels, as well as prefinished exterior siding. Installation available, depend- ing on the location. 593-7,105 square feet; packages start at around $100 per square foot, plus shipping 10. CIRCLE CRAFT Each design from Nelson-based Mandala Custom Homes is differ- ent, but every one is round ("mandala" is Sanskrit for circle). Packages, which make up 45 to 65 percent of the building, include precut timber-frame components, wall panels, windows, cedar siding, soffits, roof sheathing and cedar ceiling. 300-5,000+ square feet; from $85 per square foot plus assembly, shipping and foundation • 3 4 9 10 H O M E T R U T H S M A NUFAC T URED Previously called mobile homes. Any structure, with or without wheels, designed to be towed or carried, including floating homes anchored or secured for 60 days or more P REFA BRIC AT ED Any type of building constructed in a factory then assembled on-site on a permanent foundation MODUL A R Box-like units mostly prefabricated in a factory then transported and completed on-site on a permanent foundation DECEMBER/JANUARY 2020 BCBUSINESS 65

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