October 2019 – Making Waves

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SEPTEMBER 2019 BCBUSINESS 55 GREEN MACHINE May (left) has the support of Saanich– Gulf Islands con- stituents. Now she must convince the rest of the country the meantime, May will be promoting her 20-step climate action plan, Mission: Pos- sible, released in the spring. Although it's unclear how feasible the plan is, she claims it would deliver an economic boost while help- ing fight the climate crisis. She also recog- nizes that implementing it would be tough, requiring the all-hands-on-deck approach taken by Second World War governments. When May reaches the podium, she men- tions she's just back from speaking at a high school graduation in Victoria —it's the end of June, a week after Parliament closed for sum- mer recess. She outlines the purpose of the meeting, saying, "I report to my constituents because you are collectively, some 100,000 of you, my boss, and it's very hard to get instructions from the boss when you don't sit down to have a conversation." She then provides lively and lengthy details of what happened in Parliament, which bills did and didn't pass, and what she thinks of them. Before opening the floor to questions, May sums up her past four years as MP (she was elected in 2011 and 2015): "I've worked on 32 bills that went to the House of Com- mons, I've tabled 507 amendments, and 14 of them made it into law. That's not bad. Most MPs never get any bills accepted as amendments." OCTOBER 2019 BCBUSINESS 55 COURTESY OF THE GREEN PARTY OF CANADA

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