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AUGUST 2019 | 19 Metal Roofing/Cladding PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHAEL VAN LEUR PHOTOGRAPHY/COURTESY ELEMEX a roll former on site and rolled 50,000 square feet of material per week at a time with multiple visits; work- ers were positioned every three to four feet on either side of the panel to hold it steady as it was crated and then craned to the roof." The 168,000 square feet of roof for this facility in total is covered by a compre- hensive warranty including the vapour barrier and insulation. The roof material also flows into the wall assembly, that is thermally broken using the TcLip, allowing for a seamless design in the transition between facade and roof. The Imetco Series 300's one-piece clip, isolated seam sealant, custom trim, flashing, and system details all work together to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of metal that occurs when it is exposed to varying temperatures. Each Series 300 roof is engineered for unlimited thermal move- ment to maintain the roof's structural integrity and provide a lifetime of watertight protection. In its London, Ontario facility, Elemex manu- factures superior facade systems and supports all aspects of a project from concept to completion. Its metal cladding option is Alumitex, which is a good choice for any project requiring aluminum plate, ACM, or mixed-material facades. Alumitex offers maximum design flexibility and durability, and inte- grates seamlessly with other Elemex facade systems because it is mounted using the company's proprie- tary Unity attachment technology. Leah Morise, Elemex's marketing manager, says, "We recently completed TEN93 Queen West in Toronto using Alumitex and are wrapping up work on the Collections Conservation Centre in Ottawa." For the former project, over 20,000 square feet of Ceramitex and Aluminum Plate was used for the facade of this unique building, a nine-storey mid- rise condominium consisting of bold colours, forms, and shape. For the latter project, Alumitex was used to cover the facade with multiple vertical fins that Morise says "are each coloured differently on either side, providing a wonderful shifting effect for pedes- trians as they walk along the length of the building – which is four storeys and the size of a football field." With locations across Canada and the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia Metals is widely viewed as an industry leader in multi-metal distribution. It is a TEN93 Queen West in Toronto using both Ceramitex and Aluminum Plate. 12:07 PM FM37001.indd 1 2019-07-18 10:32 AM

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